Sunday, April 26, 2015

Raytheon Picnic!

Yesterday afternoon we attended a family picnic with Stevie's work.  It was a lot of fun!  There was a magic show, Eegees, goodie bags, a jumping castle, a velcro wall, face-painting, rocket-launching, many more activities, and a yummy lunch!  
SIDE NOTE: that last picture might be one of my new favorites - Harper's face =)

First Pop Concert!

On Friday night we took the girls to their first concert: Kidz Bop!  I didn't get any other pictures but the whole Ratcliff Family joined us, and it's always so fun to hang out with them.
Kidz Bop are always welcome in our home and CD players because these (really quite talented) kids sing and dance to current/pop songs but all icky words and innuendoes are removed.
As was expected, both girls enjoyed the show in their own way.  Harper clapped and danced the whole time.  Shyla sat and watched and absorbed it.

My Tennis Girl!

We are excited because tennis lessons have started up again and am, happy to report, that Shyla didn't skip a beat!  She's still doing great and really seems to love it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Eggs!

One of our most treasured (and messy) traditions is painting Easter Eggs on Good Friday.  I will let the pictures spread for themselves but this is truly something that I look forward to each day to do with my girls!

Zackary's 5 year old date!

We recently took Zackary for his 5 year old date!  Yes, I am well aware that Zackary recently turned 6. We are apparently working a year behind, but really hope to be caught up shortly!

We picked up the little man and headed out for a hike behind Ventana Canyon.  

The weather was beautiful!  Except we started about an hour later than we should have and it got hot!
We ended up going about 5.5 miles (okay, and if we're really being honest, Zack and Stevie went farther than that, but I was the one with the GPS!)

We celebrated our accomplishment at The Good Egg and, as I've said before, a sure sign of a fun date is falling asleep in the car.  Even if you go on to deny it - I have proof!

We sure love that little man and are so proud of him!  Can't wait for our next date!