Friday, April 26, 2013

Run for Boston

Last week we attended a "Run for Boston" to benefit the victims of the horrific events at the Boston Marathon.  Our local Fleet Feet had over 600 people show up and raised over $10,000.  Shyla ran once around the track (0.8 miles) and Stevie pushed Harper twice around.

Shyla's First Field Trip

sad post :(

My little girl recently went on her first field trip.  Her preschool went to a local fire-house and learned about fire safety.  I do believe she had a great time.  However, the only thing she was able to tell me about it, as we drove home from school that day, was that "all the parents stayed."  Logically, I knew that was not true but it broke my heart to know that's how she saw it.  All parents had been invited, but it was the day before AIMS testing for me and impossible to be off.  Just one more example of mom guilt .... I just found out they're having another field trip in May but sadly we aren't allowed to take days off during the last 2 weeks of school.  Ugghh.

Hall of Fame

 So this is pretty cool!  My Pima College softball team (NCJAA National Champions, 2004) was inducted into the Aztec Hall of Fame and my coach was inducted as an individual.

Those 2 years at Pima were some of the best of my life, at least before babies.  And that was a very special team to be a part of.  We were all so different but we played like one on the field and had so much fun together off the field.  I met Beth through that team and we have been BFFs ever since and I truly feel like I figured out who I was during those years.

My parents, who invested a lot of time, energy, and money into my softball career joined me and Stevie for the evening while Auntie Chelsea took care of all the kids.  It was a little lengthy and the food was blah, but the softball parts were great and it was awesome to see and catch-up with everyone (you know, other than on Facebook).

 Yep - my crazy husband took my jersey without me knowing it and put it on under his suit jacket just before the softball part of the ceremony.  I thought my mom was going to die laughing.

There were many highlights from the night but one of the best had to be catching up with my outfield/slapping coach, Alli.  She was instrumental in my skills but more importantly she was just there for me.  She is actually the one who told me to marry Stevie! 

It's an honor and it was a nice night to remember those great times from 2004!

We Did It!

It's been a number of weeks since Easter and the end of Lent but I want to mention that Shyla and I were successful in our Lenten journey!  We did not have Starbucks at all during Lent nor on Easter Sunday because I strongly believe that places like that should be closed on holidays.

A Night with Old Friends

These lovely ladies are a few of my best friends from many, many years ago!  I've been friends with Maren, Rachel, and Pauline since I was about 12 years old; that means we've been friends for longer than we haven't been. 
A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to spend a night with them!  Starting at the UA Baseball Game and ending at Sakura, it was a blast!  I was out until after 1AM which is completely crazy, but had so much fun and laughed more than I have in quite a while!
I'm already looking forward to the next get-together!