13.1 Miles!

I enjoy completing half-marathons, which have a distance of 13.1 miles.  Notice I said I enjoy "completing" them.  This means I enjoy the part in which I cross the finish line and subsequently get to eat just about anything I want.  I don't generally enjoy the 13 miles leading up to the finish!

I am not fast and I have no intention of ever doing a full-marathon.

That said, I have completed 9 halves.  It is not out of the realm of possibility for me to complete 50 before I turn 50 years old, but that is many years and many miles down the (literal) road.

Here is where I stand, starting with the most recent, and what I remember most about each:

2012 - Las Vegas - 2:28 {PR for me .... actually trained a little bit .... ran the whole thing and didn't hate it!}

2011 - Las Vegas - 2:32 {Rockin' the strip at night was AWESOME!}
2011 - Coronado - 2:43 {If the course was more conducive to quitting, I probably would have}
2010 - Las Vegas - 2:45 {Pregnant with Harper}
2010 - Mt. Lemmon - 3:10 {Mt. Lemmon, nuff said}
2010 - San Diego - 2:45 {all I remember is that it was hot and my IPOD broke at the starting line}
2009 - Las Vegas - 2:35 {Chelsea and Nicole's 1st half-marathon, Stevie and Shyla met me at mile 12 to encourage me}
2009 - Tucson - 2:35 {Shyla was just 5 months old, my dad and Stevie drove along the course but missed my finish}
2006 - Tucson - 2:54 {with my running buddy, Karen...we "should have trained," this will become a recurring motto}