Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Sleeping Picture

I think the reason I take so many pictures of Shyla sleeping is that it happens rather rarely.  She's not napping these days, at least when at home, and at night she's having night terrors.

I snapped this picture the other day after putting Harper to bed.  I went in to read Shyla her night-night story but found her, still in play clothes, complete with Hello Kitty on her head, fast asleep.

We let her sleep peacefully and later when she awoke crying we changed her into jammies.  I'm hopeful that this is just a {really long} phase because little girls need sleep.  And so do mommies.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Break = A Special Date with my Girl!

Fall Break arrived just in time!

Because my Sunday is usually filled with lesson planning, grading, and an overall grumpiness about the impending Monday....we don't generally do big outings on Sundays.  However, since I'm officially on Fall Break, I got to have a special date with Shyla last Sunday!

We started by going for a quick weigh-in at Weight Watchers.  It was uneventful as we were waiting in line.  However, once it was our turn, Shyla (my timid little sweetie) walked up to the counter with a coy smile and asked, "Venti iced coffee with cream, please!"  We were thrilled to be able to provide a good laugh for everyone there. {Side note: she weighs exactly 37 pounds - perfect!}

Then we headed to the mall and enjoyed lunch together in the food court.  She had McDonalds and I had Subway.

After lunch we saw Despicable Me 2, with about 7 other people in the theater.  Total.

After returning home, this happened:

This is special because this never happens anymore.

Here's to the start of a fun-filled, relaxing Fall Break!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Rockin' Ever After!"

 I am super excited to be working with Feld Entertainment to promote their upcoming Disney On Ice production, Disney on Ice presents Rockin' Ever After!

A few years ago, I remember because Harper was just an infant and all I wanted to do was stay home and snuggle, Stevie had the opportunity to take Shyla and a friend to a Disney on Ice production of Toy Story.  And-they-loved-it!  For months she "skated" everywhere on her pretend ice skates.

This show looks to be just as amazing and now that Harper is older, I am excited to be going as a whole family!

"Get ready to rock out with some of the most magical idols of all in Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After, an all-new live production coming to Tucson!  A cast of world-class skaters brings your favorite moments from Disney•Pixar’s BRAVE, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast to life in a musical showcase that features the hottest tunes and talent from across the kingdom."

Disney on Ice presents Rockin' Ever After will be in Tucson October 10-13!  These dates also coincide nicely with Fall Break!

Thursday, October 10th @ 7PM
Friday, October 11th @ 7PM
Saturday, October 12th @ 11AM, 3PM, and 7PM
Sunday, October 13th @ 1PM and 5PM

Tucson Arena - 260 S. Church Ave

Ticket Prices:
$20 (see discount code below)
$35 (VIP)
$55 (front row)

Wanna go?  You are welcome to use our "mom blogger" discount code which will save you $4 per ticket in the $20 ticket level.  Here's what you need to know to get the discount:

$4 Off with code MOM4
·         $20 section only
·         No double discount
Valid on all show days and times EXCEPT Opening Night (Opening Night tickets are already discounted to $11, excluding front row and VIP seating)
Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Disney characters and artwork are copy-write of Disney, Disney/Pixar.

Check back after October 10th to read my review of the show and see some pics of my family there!  We are all super excited about it!

PS:  I am a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and opportunities to attend private Feld pre-Show events.  Even though I receive these benefits, I will always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Weekend Away

This past weekend a buddy of Stevie's got married in Phoenix.  We left the girls with my family and headed up on Friday night, so we got to enjoy a full weekend of "us" time!

Friday night we had a really yummy (and expensive!!) dinner with Cesar and Eric at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant.  It was delicious seafood and a fun environment.

On Saturday morning-afternoon Stevie played golf with the groom and other wedding guys while Cesar, Eric and I did a few of my favorite things!  Cesar brought me Starbucks to enjoy in my room, then we had breakfast at Waffle House, then we shopped at the Premium Outlet Malls.  I bought myself a new Coach purse (okay, it's so 2012) and at 50% and 30% off, I paid way less than for my black one and it's much bigger!

Finally, it was time for the wedding!  I don't know Zach and Shannon very well but it was a beautiful wedding and it was filled with a lot of love and a lot of fun!  I've never seen a more giddy groom.

Sunday morning before heading home, I had really wanted to do a hike.  With a few friends' recommendations, we decided to head to South Mountain.  As we were driving there (yes, at 7AM the morning after a wild wedding!) we saw the storm coming.  And we were in a total downpour!  So, instead we went to Mimi's Cafe!

Once the rain stopped, we did complete the 2.5 mile walking/jogging/interpretive trail around the resort before heading home.

The girls were with Chelsea etc on Friday night and Grandma/Grandpa Saturday night.  It sounded like they, of course, had a blast!

Overall it was a really great weekend!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Harper - the swimming sensation!

Just want to share this picture of Harper after a recent swim.  Don't you just love her?!?

Another Sleeping Picture:

Yep, that's my little girl.  Sleeping on the stairs.  Weirdo.

About 9PM the other night I decided to head upstairs to go to bed and nearly stepped on her.  As I tried to gently carry her back to her room, she awoke.  She was holding her sippy-cup and said she came down to get some water.  Apparently she hadn't made it the whole way, and fell back asleep soundly in an awkward position.  We filled her cup and she drank it immediately, then she let us carry her back to bed.

Will she ever sleep in her room, and stay there?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Session II

Although this was technically a NAU Summer Session course, it took place in my school's Fall semester which meant balancing this work with the work that comes with getting the school year started.
Aside from that, it was a great class!  The professor is one of our district principals so it was extremely interesting to get her take on things and, of course, it was beneficial to network with her! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Harper Turns 2!

It's impossibly hard to believe that my baby Harper is 2!

We had a great weekend celebrating all things Harper!

We did slip-n-slide at Auntie Chelsea's house:

Took a fruit platter into daycare for her to share with her friends:

Then the mega-bash at our house, complete with cake and cupcakes baked and decorated by an old student of mine!

Because Harper loves babies so much, instead of presents we asked guests to bring diapers to donate to needy families.  Look at the haul we donated to the Newman Center!

Ahhhhh, 2 years old!  Seriously?!?