Monday, December 28, 2009

Stacey's Birthday!

Just some pictures to enjoy...
Shyla got this really cool round-a-bout from Grandma and Grandpa Palmer for Christmas and she really likes it!
Something she didn't really like was sitting in the cart at Kohls though.

Today, December 28th, is good friend Stacey's birthday. Stacey lives in Houston but she is here for the holidays and has friends over to celebrate her birthday and to just catch up! Although I just realized that I didn't get a picture with Stacey, I did get some with other friends.

Here she is with Karen, who happened to be wearing a really cool silver necklace!

And here she is with Cicely and Ara who currently live in Boston where Cicely is an attorney and Ara is in medical school. Don't they look like naturals? I think Shyla is ready for a Bostonian cousin and bff!

And a beautiful picture of Shyla with Girl Wasley. Girl lives in Oregon and is a lawyer.

Shyla also got to play with her friend Sophia who belongs to Jessikah and Brian Eller. I didn't put up the pictures because I forgot to ask Jess if it was okay, but be assured that they were SO cute. We are all looking forward to the soon-to-be world champion soccer team!

Stevie and I are so lucky to have amazing friends who are more like family and we feel so fortunate to bring Shyla into this loving extended family. We know she will be loved and cared for and supported and that makes our hearts happy. Thanks to all our beautiful friends, pictured and not-pictured.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shyla's 1st Christmas!

What a great Christmas we had yesterday!
Christmas Eve we were at Steve and Pat's house, though, and Shyla spiked a pretty high temperature. We rushed home in a panic and, although she had a pretty typical night, we didn't get much sleep. We have 3 different thermometers which always give 3 different readings. That night, as she slept, we probably took her temperature at least 10 times. She has felt pretty well since, thankfully, and for the moment we are blaming the spiked temperature on teething.
Because of that we didn't put out the cookies and milk for Santa or the Reindeer Food but the jolly old man still came around and still spoiled Shyla on her 1st Christmas.

This isn't actually a Christmas picture but it is a cute one from recent. Actually, I think this was taken while Daddy put up the Christmas lights!

Here is Shyla in her Christmas outfit! A good friend of mine, Kristen, had given me a Baby Gap gift card while I was on bedrest and we were saving it for something special. We bought this outfit there for Shyla to wear on Christmas. Turns out it was too warm for the sweater but the onesie says "Best Gift Ever" which couldn't be more true.
Shyla is pretty sure that Christmas is all about wrapping paper!

But she of course got books as well!

And more wrapping paper!

And The Hangover!
We hope everyone had as amazing of Christmas as we did. It was a crazy day but we are thankful for every moment of it. We have so many friends and family who we love and want to see on Christmas day. We are so lucky!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Shyla Meets the Real Santa!

But first she played some basketball on a really cool toy that Zackary inheirited from Soren.

And she played some piano.

And we stood in line to see Santa!

And finally the jolly old man showed up!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shyla meets Santa and Mrs. Clause!

Okay, not really, but we took her picture with our Santa and Mrs. Clause dolls. We may or may get get down to the mall to meet the real Santa, so these pics may need to suffice for year one. Is that lame? As Chelsea pointed out, it would save us from standing in line for hours with H1N1 infested kids. Humm, something to thing about.
At first she was a little scared. But then again, Santa looks kinda creepy in the picture so I don't blame her.

Shyla got much happier once Mrs. Clause arrived. I love this pic!

Mommy Does Exist!

I think I've done a similar post to this one already, but I want to show off our ergo baby-carrier! We bought it months ago but couldn't get it adjusted correctly so Shyla and I were both comfortable. Until, that is, Chelsea steped in and saved the day! Thanks sis! Using the ergo is not only easier on my back but it also allows my hands to be free and it keeps Shyla really close to my chest, which we both like.
Last night we went to Zoo Lights with Chelsea's family, mom and dad, Randi, Ann and Loren, Adam, and a few others whose names I cannot recall right now. So Sorry!

It was past Shyla bedtime (yea, right, like she has a bed time) but she enjoyed all the people and all the lights.

And this is just a fun shot from before we went to Zoo Lights of me and my girl!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shyla's 6 Month Photo-Shoot

These pictures were taken right around Shyla's 6th month birthday (and then took a few weeks to come back to us and another few days for me to get them on the blog). They are her first "school pictures" as they were taken at daycare. Enjoy!

This 3rd one is our favorite! We were able to buy a Christmas ornament with it on it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Annual Fight

As many of you know, Stevie and I don't fight very often. We usually agree with each other; either that or he just usually gives in.
However every year we got through a Christmas Tree fight! I, being the one who vacuums the pine needles from the carpet, would like to buy a fake tree. Stevie, on the other hand, loves the tradition of picking the tree out and, apparently, spending $30 every year.

See...he really gets excited and giddy to pick out said tree.

YES! The perfect tree. Perfectly plucked from the hundreds of recently slaughtered trees.

Still excited, yet struggling, to load said slaughtered tree on the car.

This is how excited I was to pick out said slaughtered tree.

And Shyla...looking cute and also enjoying the tree experience.

See ya next year for our next fight!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A new hat and earrings!

Last night was a very special night (although as I type that I realize I didn't take any pictures of it)! We went to an annual dinner party hosted by birthday-girl Hillary who is always the hostess-with-the-mostest and great friend Cicely was there! Cicely lives in Boston with her husband Ara so she hadn't met Shyla yet. Cicely is one of the most kind and special ladies in my life and I am so glad to have her in Shyla's life as well. She brought Shyla that cute cupcake hat shown below. Shyla loves it!

This is me and Shyla at lunch this afternoon after we got her ears pierced! She was such a trooper! She cried for about 30 seconds and then we calmed her down and distracted her with pretty necklaces. Her ears look very pretty and in 8 weeks we can change her earrings (which are currently emerald for May) to the diamond ones that Grandpa Palmer bought her!

Okay, time for cute hat pictures!

Thanks Cicely! We love you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Las Vegas Half-Marathon

This past weekend we went to Las Vegas for the Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon!
These pictures are out of order...but you'll get the idea!

Nicole, Chelsea, and me with our finisher medals!

Nicole, me, and Chelsea before the real race, but after the race to get to the race! Those of you who know me and know how tense I get when we are late, will understand that I was freaking out! At least we didn't have time to get nervous! A big thank you to random-guy that liked taking our picture!

Ahhh yes, Las Vegas.
Running down the strip...
And still running down the strip...
13.1 miles later we were done and ready to enjoy our much deserved buffet!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend in Pinetop

This is a much overdue post, but in October my family and I went to Pinetop for the weekend. My parents have had the cabin there for over 20 years! Think of all the fun memories 20 years can hold! And now, we are fortunate enough to be able to make new memories there with the babies (and canines)!
Shyla following the order given on her shirt. Notice the shag carpet bahind her? Oh how I love our cabin and it's 60's motif!

Shyla sporting her floppy hat! A girl has to be stylish while being sun-safe, you know?

Oh Pancake...sometimes no captions are needed.

one-thirtieth of the way there...

In October my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Yea, 60 years!! Stevie and I have been married for 2 years, thus making us 1/30 of the way there. The three brothers threw a really nice anniversary party for them. There was a really great turnout and everyone had a great time.

...especially Shyla! Here she is with Grandpa Forgacs who is always a calm influence for her and who is always willing to give her a bottle.

ahhh yes, that is contentment.

My husband looking good in Zac's tie.

The brothers and grandma and grandpa. Surprisingly, my dad actually stayed on topic during this toast, much unlike the toast he gave at our wedding. I guess that's because there were no guests there from Indonesia.

My beautiful Aunt Nannette and Aunt Sherry.

And the couple-of-honor themselves!

And, of course, Beth and Dave with Baby Shyla!
Fun times were had by all and a huge congratulations to grandma and grandpa.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

I don't generally dress up for Halloween but this year it was strongly suggested that we dress up while at school (it was the Friday after a week full of crazy socks, backwards clothes, and pajamas at school).
I like this picture because it shows what a great sport my husband is. Shyla, of course, has no control (yet) over what she wears but Stevie very graciously put on Dave's old Cat in the Hat costume to match my Thing 1 costume. Too funny! Thanks Dave!

And this is me and Shyla (I mean Thing 1 and Thing 2) before we left for school. You can't see my knee-high red socks in this picture. My students liked the costume and my blue hair turned Shyla's hands blue, thus proving that she pulls on and tugs my hair much too frequently!
I'm not sure why this picture is so small, but it shows the full effect of Thing 1 and Thing 2. Yes, this is what we wore to mold the minds of the future.
I, of course, forgot my camera to take a picture of Shyla in her Halloween costume so stay tuned for a future post.