Monday, September 28, 2015

Bear Down!

It's football season which means tailgate time!  The girls had a blast at Saturday's tailgate.  Too bad the Cats lost and too bad Dad's tenant was a butt-head and wouldn't let us park, but aside from that it was a great time!  Can't wait for the next one for sure!

Grandparents Day!

We got to spend Grandparent's Day over at Grandma Barbara's and Grandpa Pop's house.  We had yummy pizza, enjoyed a big rain storm, and got to just "hangout" for quite a while.  It was so nice!  We are so lucky and so very thankful for them!

Some Work

We recently attended Parent/Teacher Conferences with both girls' teachers.  They are both doing exceptionally well.  They are both progressing academically but, much more important than that, both girls got glowing reports about their behavior and their interactions with other students and teachers.  To say we are proud is a total understatement.

Shyla's teachers showed us this writing piece about our recent trip to San Diego, so of course I had to take a picture of it to send to Dan and Erin!  Harper's teacher gave us her art project (thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting her take rocks from your yard for her masterpiece) - she was so proud of it!  And, I recently attended a Leadership retreat with my district.  One of the "homework assignments" was to submit an adjective to describe each other school leader and a "wordle" was made out of what people think.  I included mine below as well.

San Diego Day 4 (last day)

Before heading home on Monday we met up with the San Diego family at a playground on the water.
It was a great visit.  The visits are never long enough and there's never enough time to truly catch-up, but I am very thankful for the time we get and cherish the memories.  Can't wait for the next one!

San Diego Day 3

The next day of our trip consisted of a beautiful hike at the Mission Dam and Flume.  The girls were such good sports and really enjoyed being outdoors with us.  These are some of our best memories!

Later, we went to downtown San Diego and after a really long walk we finally found Uncle Dan, Auntie Erin, and Baby Caden.  There is a really cool splash-pad area downtown now that the girls loved and we loved the additional time with the Gunning crew.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

San Diego Day 2

On Saturday we met our new favorite San Diego boy, Caden!  I cannot even begin to tell you how adorable he is nor how smitten his parents are.  Not to mention how, even as brand-new parents, they seem to have their routines and life in order already!  After disrupting their quiet home for awhile we headed to the beach!  It was crowded but we lucked into a parking spot right at Mission Beach!  Shyla tried the boogie-board for the first time and did great (such a natural!) while Harper and I splashed around.  Later, Stevie took Harper out into the waves; she loved it even though she had him hold her the whole time.  After a quick dinner at Kojacks we headed back to the hotel where Stevie crashed at 6:57pm!  Us girls partied until at least 8pm and then crashed to be rested for another day of fun to follow!

{PS - pictures of Caden will be included in an upcoming post … I was too busy snuggling him to take out my phone}

San Diego!

We just got home from a great (albeit too short) vacation in San Diego.  My hope and goal is to blog about the trip and also try to get the blog, in general, up-and-running again.

After a challenging end to my work-week, I scooted out early on Friday (thanks to my great friend and co-worker Tricia), we picked up the girls and got out of town around 1pm.  There was lots of traffic heading to San Diego for the holiday weekend so it was slow going, but we made it.

Unfortunately Shyla got sick right before Yuma.  It passed quickly (I think it may have started as a migraine) so our stop at Target for medicine, a new travel thermometer, and clean-up also set us back a bit.

Once we were settled in the hotel and in jammies, I had to snap this picture of Shyla reading aloud to Harper.  Then it was time to crash and get ready for a few days of fun!