Tuesday, September 8, 2015

San Diego Day 2

On Saturday we met our new favorite San Diego boy, Caden!  I cannot even begin to tell you how adorable he is nor how smitten his parents are.  Not to mention how, even as brand-new parents, they seem to have their routines and life in order already!  After disrupting their quiet home for awhile we headed to the beach!  It was crowded but we lucked into a parking spot right at Mission Beach!  Shyla tried the boogie-board for the first time and did great (such a natural!) while Harper and I splashed around.  Later, Stevie took Harper out into the waves; she loved it even though she had him hold her the whole time.  After a quick dinner at Kojacks we headed back to the hotel where Stevie crashed at 6:57pm!  Us girls partied until at least 8pm and then crashed to be rested for another day of fun to follow!

{PS - pictures of Caden will be included in an upcoming post … I was too busy snuggling him to take out my phone}

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Erin =) said...

He's our favorite SD boy, too ;) So bummed we missed Shyla on the boogie board so we'll have to catch that next time! And I wanna party with the girls, too (these boys, always snoozing!)