Tuesday, September 8, 2015

San Diego!

We just got home from a great (albeit too short) vacation in San Diego.  My hope and goal is to blog about the trip and also try to get the blog, in general, up-and-running again.

After a challenging end to my work-week, I scooted out early on Friday (thanks to my great friend and co-worker Tricia), we picked up the girls and got out of town around 1pm.  There was lots of traffic heading to San Diego for the holiday weekend so it was slow going, but we made it.

Unfortunately Shyla got sick right before Yuma.  It passed quickly (I think it may have started as a migraine) so our stop at Target for medicine, a new travel thermometer, and clean-up also set us back a bit.

Once we were settled in the hotel and in jammies, I had to snap this picture of Shyla reading aloud to Harper.  Then it was time to crash and get ready for a few days of fun!

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Erin =) said...

We're glad you braved the holiday weekend traffic for us!!