Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lilly's Birthday

Lilly's birthday was, as usual, in February!  We met them at the playground for some extended playtime to celebrate and amazingly got a decent cousin picture!

It's a Dog's Life

I had to snap this picture the other day when I came down the stairs and found Pancake snuggled up with Stevie on the sofa!  She's such a big baby!

Rock Climbing at The Bloc

This is an old post….

Stevie took Shyla indoor rock climbing.  Apparently she did a great job and really seemed to like it (until she got to the very top, as predicted).  It was a little expensive but it looks like something we should probably do again sometime!


Ahhhh, Sisters!
I hope and pray that my girls will grow up as best friends.  They sometimes fight like crazy (mostly over toys) but so far they genuinely seem to enjoy and love each other.
{This picture was taken one day while we were waiting for my car to be washed … an outing that we enjoy together!}

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sleep Issues….

We have been having major sleep issues with Harper.  This is the same Harper that has been an amazing sleeper since she was an newborn.  Now, she's deciding that she doesn't like sleep.  Like, at all.

Bedtime starts between 7pm and 7:30pm.  Most nights she is still awake at 9:30pm.  What is she doing for all this time, you might be wondering?  Let's see….she sometimes:
  • screams, cries, hits, and tries to bite
  • reads really loudly
  • steals toys, one-by-one, from Shyla's room
  • gives a sleeping Shyla a doctor's check-up
  • sings - mostly "Let It Go"
  • runs around
  • plays with my shoes
  • watches basketball in our bed
  • changes her babies, using lots of powder
  • and others … we never really know what the night will bring
The pictures with this post are, obviously, of her sleeping.  I take them to remind myself that she does, in fact, sometimes sleep.  And because she's just do damn cute.

Kindergarten Visitation!

In an effort to make the upcoming Kindergarten transition as easy as possible, we have been taking every opportunity to get down there with Shyla and get her used to the new school.  Way back in January they had an Open House type event on a weekend to get used to the campus and meet some teachers.  Shyla did great - and then we had a nice lunch at SmashBurger!

Then … yesterday our sweet Shyla had Kindergarten Visitation Day!  This was a 2-hour event in which the new Kindergarteners got to shadow the current ones and get used to the school a little more.  Moms and Dads had a short informational meeting, then we had to leave!

Shyla did great!  She was super excited in the morning and ready to go!

We got settled and enjoyed some donut holes while we waited for the others.  Then it was time to separate.  When instructed, Shyla walked off to the girl's line like such an independent little thing.  For a moment I lost sight of her - but then I saw her as she was running back to us, crying.

After a few minutes of consoling, one of the Kindergarten teachers came and got her and galloped away with her!  After a few minutes, she warmed up and was fine.  This is what she looked like when we picked her up:

All in all it was a great day!  They got to play on the playground, were assigned a Kindergarten buddy, and participated in a scavenger hunt.  During the hunt they collected stickers and "cougar paw necklaces" from various people on campus.

We finished up with a quick date at Eegees and then on to finished our days!  I call it a SUCCESS!