Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Wear our Sunglasses at Night....

Our good friend Erin brought these adorable sunglasses for Shyla when she visited us in the hospital. Shyla loves them! She even brought them with her to school last week!

And she was nice enough to let Harper borrow them!

So stylin'.

Friday, July 29, 2011

You should see the other guy!

The other morning right before leaving for school, I asked Shyla to hand me Harper's binky which had fallen under the coffee table. "Don't bonk your head" I said as she happily bent down to get it (it is very important to Shyla that all babies have binkies!)

She didn't bonk her head.

She handed the binky to me, then turned around, lost her balance and hit her head on said coffee table. Although it looked painful, she only cried for about 23 seconds, then kissed us goodbye and went off to school.

Fast forward about 7 hours later. She wakes from her nap, at school, with quite the shiner!

It's difficult to see it in the picture above but it shows her pretty face anyway!

As she napped we took this picture which shows the black-eye a little more clearly.

Ahhh yes, there it is.

That's our little bruiser for you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harper Ann - 0 months old

Many months ago I bought these cute little stickers that you put on baby's clothes signifying how many months old they be looking for a post on the 15th of every month with an update.

For this first one, I was (understandably) a little late....Harper is 0 months old and it is crazy to me that she is actually almost 2 weeks old already.

We are all doing great!

Stevie and Shyla have had a lot of time together which has been really good for both of them. She is finally letting him carry her around and get her out of bed in the morning. Yesterday she went with him to move some dirt to a friend's house and then they went swimming in their pool. And today, as I write this, they are at Shyla's first movie (I'm dying to know how it is my opinion she is not ready...hopefully I am wrong).

Harper is a great baby! She is mellow and eating well and sleeping well too!

Since the 1 lottery ticket we bought yesterday matched zero numbers, Stevie has to go back to work next week. We are bummed about that but we have loved this family time together.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to (literally) put your foot in your mouth:

In our family we LOVE the koala bear pose.

A little over 2 years ago we captured the above picture of SHYLA MAY exhibiting the koala bear pose. If you look carefully you can see her foot right under her chin. It took Shyla months to stretch out!

Fast forward to present time. Our little HARPER ANN, as you can see above, has also perfected the koala bear pose. It appears as if her foot is even closer to her mouth than Shyla got with hers.

See, I told you so!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Sister Shyla May

Shyla has had a hard time understanding and accepting that I can't pick her up and carry her around like I used to do. However, I don't think she has associated that sudden change with Harper's arrival. Likewise, I don't think it will have any effect on their relationship now nor in the future. Have a look:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Forgacs Family of FOUR!

Introducing Harper Ann Forgacs!
Born Friday, July 15th - 7:57 AM - St. Joseph's Hospital
8 pounds - 4 ounces - 20 inches


So, Shyla is officially a BIG SISTER!

She came to the hospital on Friday evening to meet Harper. Even though Grandma had brought her snacks, she insisted on stealing my dinner roll....but then she tried to share it with Harper which was super cute!

She didn't stay very long, but long enough to see this little baby we've been talking about for months and, of course, long enough to give kisses.

Since we've been home, she's been pretty good. She doesn't understand why Mommy can't pick her up and carry her around like I've always done.

Otherwise, I can already tell that these two girls will be just as close friends as Chelsea and me!


Let's start at the very beginning:

Stevie and I checked into the hospital at 5:30 AM, got prepped, and then walked to the OR at 7:30 AM.

Stevie had to wait in the "on deck" chair while I got the spinal and they got the OR totally ready.

At 7:57 AM they pulled this beautiful girl out! I got to see her right away and my first thought was that she looked like Shyla! Then she and Stevie had to go with the nurses to be weighed etc.

Finally, after the surgery was complete and I was in the recovery room I was able to hold my girl for the first time!

This is my OB Dr. Dunn. (Her full name is actually Dr. Kazemi-Dunn which prompted Big Steve to ask "What's a Kazemi?" when he saw her paperwork.) She is amazing! I have been going to her for 10 years now and she also delivered Shyla. I love how calm and funny she is, but it's obvious that she knows what she's doing (and LOVES it).

This is the first shot of the three of us. I was really pleased that I didn't swell-up with this pregnancy but as you can tell from the picture, the IV fluids really did a number on my face!

This is 2 days later and a little bit better, at least I had gotten to shower by this time!


As I have said many times, we are very blessed to have amazing friends and family! We had a lot of visitors over the next few days:

My mom, Grandma Palmer.

Grandpa Steve.

My sister, Auntie Chelsea (and updator extraordinare)

My dad, Grandpa Palmer (GGP)

Beth (and Sadie too!)

Lilly (Princess Lilly)

Cousin Anne

Cousin Ira (and Benny too!)


Shelley and Daniel






Erin (Girl) - who just happened to be in town from Oregon....coincidently she just happened to be in town when Shyla was born too! We are so lucky!

SIDE NOTE - Kim O'Hagan, Karen, and Erin actually came to the hospital twice! The first time we had a lovely visit but Stevie was hogging the baby the whole time so they came back the next day to get some good Harper time in!


Vanessa (due in November with her second son)

The Robs (but only Robin wanted to hold the baby...pretty sure that happened when Shyla was born too!)


A now, just a few more pictures of our brand new baby girl for you to enjoy. We are adjusting to life at home now, and loving each and every minute.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Funny Faces!

The other evening we ate dinner at Jason's Deli.

Shyla had chocolate milk for about the 2nd time in her life and she thoroughly enjoyed it!

Then it was time to practice making funny faces....

I can't wait to share these with her friends when she's older!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Ghetto Alphabet

As many of you know, Shyla is obsessed (currently) with the alphabet.
So, in my infinite wisdom and frugality I made her these ABCs to play with out of a cardboard box and Sharpie.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Storytime at the UofA!

This morning Stevie and I took Shyla to storytime at the UA Bookstore. We had tried this about 4 months ago but it was a disaster because all she wanted to do was climb up and down the stairs. Somehow I convinced Stevie that this time would be different and I was right!

Today's main focus was Martha Speaks! We tried to have Shyla watch some Martha Speaks on youtube this morning before we left, but she was uninterested.

However, we were both pleasantly surprised by how well she did!

First there is an arts-and-crafts station where Shyla and Stevie worked together on the masterpiece you see pictured above. (For those of you who don't know, Martha Speaks is about a dog who can talk because she eats alphabet soup....which makes the dog-bone not so random.)

Then there were 2 stories read: the first about Jane Goodall and the second was the first Martha Speaks book.

There were also 3 songs: Happy Birthday to all July birthdays, If You're Happy and You Know It, and Shake the Sillies Out (coincidently the same 3 songs from the library storytime last week).

Then it was time to meet Martha!!

For those of you who keep up with this blog, you know that Shyla does not like mascots. Of any kind. You also know that I keep forcing her to meet various ones. You may remember the Minnie Mouse incident....

This is what happened after standing in line to meet Martha. Is it just me or does Martha look guarded and ready to protect herself? Perhaps Shy's reputation has preceded her?

And this was the look we got immediately following the encounter.


By then we were all hungry and, although it was getting close to naptime, we decided to head over to Dirtbags (a Tucson staple) for lunch. Cesar met us there and Jazer was working. He even made sure Shyla got extra kiwi (her current favorite).

She sat with Daddy for a long time and then worked on destroying their dog-bone.

It was a fun morning, though, and I am so relieved to know that she is now old enough to enjoy storytime! Makes my heart happy!