Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Baptisms of Simone and Sophia

Last Sunday, July 3rd, was the baptisms of Simone Patricia and Sophia Rose. They were done in a very private ceremony at Saints Peter and Paul.

Stevie and I are so very honored to be god-parents to both girls! It is not a responsibility that we take lightly. We love those girls so much and look forward to watching them grow!

Julie Adamsin made their baptismal gowns from the dress that Grandma Pat wore to Kirsten and Jim's wedding. Pat would have loved them, and the idea behind them, and she would have loved that the ceremony was at Saints Peter and Paul. That is where Stevie and Kirsten both went to grade school and middle school, it is where Stevie and I were married, and is where we plan to send Shyla and Harper.

The proud parents and lovely babies. (Shyla, btw, has decided that "Jim" should be plural so she calls him "Uncle Jims")

And insert the proud god-parents!

After the ceremony there was a lovely luncheon at Grandpa Steve's house! Everyone had a great time, it felt very special, and (thankfully) Shyla was a good girl!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice post. My Mom would have been proud.We are so blessed to have you and Stevie as the godparents! And we love That Jim is now uncle jims!