Friday, July 29, 2011

You should see the other guy!

The other morning right before leaving for school, I asked Shyla to hand me Harper's binky which had fallen under the coffee table. "Don't bonk your head" I said as she happily bent down to get it (it is very important to Shyla that all babies have binkies!)

She didn't bonk her head.

She handed the binky to me, then turned around, lost her balance and hit her head on said coffee table. Although it looked painful, she only cried for about 23 seconds, then kissed us goodbye and went off to school.

Fast forward about 7 hours later. She wakes from her nap, at school, with quite the shiner!

It's difficult to see it in the picture above but it shows her pretty face anyway!

As she napped we took this picture which shows the black-eye a little more clearly.

Ahhh yes, there it is.

That's our little bruiser for you!


Sassy said...

Wow! That's impressive. AND she is still as pretty as can be with a shiner!!

Your Mom said...

she is obviously dabbling in 60s makeup!! Kinda surprised this doesn't happen more frequently with the way she throws herself around and all!

Erin = ) said...

I know Dan would take one look at this post and say, rather proudly, "atta girl, Shyla!"