Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Eggs!

One of our most treasured (and messy) traditions is painting Easter Eggs on Good Friday.  I will let the pictures spread for themselves but this is truly something that I look forward to each day to do with my girls!

Zackary's 5 year old date!

We recently took Zackary for his 5 year old date!  Yes, I am well aware that Zackary recently turned 6. We are apparently working a year behind, but really hope to be caught up shortly!

We picked up the little man and headed out for a hike behind Ventana Canyon.  

The weather was beautiful!  Except we started about an hour later than we should have and it got hot!
We ended up going about 5.5 miles (okay, and if we're really being honest, Zack and Stevie went farther than that, but I was the one with the GPS!)

We celebrated our accomplishment at The Good Egg and, as I've said before, a sure sign of a fun date is falling asleep in the car.  Even if you go on to deny it - I have proof!

We sure love that little man and are so proud of him!  Can't wait for our next date!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Baseball!

Had a great time at UA baseball last night with Chelsea and Uncle Pete!  It was a perfect night for baseball and just a lot of fun!  Also, it was Uncle Pete's first selfie.  So there's that.

Spirit Week at Shyla's School!

This past week was a lot of fun for Shyla!  She got to put her uniform aside for the week as she chose to participate in spirit week.  As you scroll through please understand that I took each picture before I left each morning so she might now have been quite ready for school as she leaves with Stevie about 30 minutes later.
MONDAY: Patriotic Day
TUESDAY: Tacky Tuesday
WEDNESDAY: Superhero Day (after mass)
FRIDAY: Character Day
Side-note: I love how excited she gets about these things and how perfectly comfortable she feels trying new things!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Be Safe Saturday

The girls and I spent the morning at TMC's Annual Event: Be Safe Saturday!  We were there for nearly 4 hours!  It was exhausting and hot - but a lot of fun and we came home with a lot of cool stuff!

Trying to recall everything we did/got:
  • Teeth cleaning and fluoride
  • Jumping castle obstacle course
  • FREE booster seat for Shyla
  • FREE bike helmets for both girls
  • Fire safety songs with Fireman Bill (see pictures below - both girls got on stage!!  Harper went a 2nd time to play a game with a fire alarm…she didn't win but they let her choose a teddy bear anyway!)
  • BTO yogurt and FREE ice cream (actually, the yogurt was the only thing I paid for all day and since BTO is owned by the family of one of my students, we will always support them!)
  • FREE mini soccer balls, sunglasses, chapstick, cinch bags, turtle hats, fingerprint kit, rubber duckies, water squirters, and a hardback book about water safety
  • The girls are also in a raffle for an IPAD and a different raffle for a new bike.  If they win, you will definitely hear about it!

We also ran into Auntie Beth & Sadie and McGruff the Crime Dog!

Such a cool event and a great way to spend a Saturday morning!  We will definitely be returning for next year.

{Please note: the first picture you see is us practicing how to NOT be safe!  This was taken after we arrived and the girls were being silly in the car.}

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Days with Harper are Fun!

We are back from vacation and back to reality.  Shyla is back in school but Harper is off so I'm mostly working from home this week.  On Tuesday, after taking Shyla to school we accomplished quite a bit!  We got the oil changed, went to the bank, got our nails done, went home to do some work, went to Target and only forgot one thing, then picked Shyla up!  Phew!  Stay tuned for more from the rest of the week's adventures!

Coronado Vacation Day 4

My dad does not like to leave the island once here but somehow we talked him into a day at Sea World!  I had gotten 4 free passes by being an AZ Educator and my dad's friend had a discount on the other 3 tickets so we packed up both cars are headed off!  It was a great day!  It was hot and sunny and we stayed from 10am-7pm and I can truly say that the kids got the full experience of Sea World!

We saw three shows: the dolphin show, the pets show, and of course the killer whale show.  For the whale show we sat in the soak zone and man did we get soaked!  Shyla and Zackary loved the Journey to Atlantis ride and Harper and Lilly loved the rides is Sesame Street Place.

It was an expensive and exhausting day but it was SO MUCH fun!