Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Parent's Day!

O.M.G. today was Parent's Day at Shyla's school as part of Catholic Schools Week and we had a blast!  

We got off to a rocky start because upon arrival we realized that Shyla had forgotten her cougar bag and lunch box.  I got her checked in with her teacher and then Stevie and I ran over to Panera and brought her back an egg sandwich for lunch.

Anyway, we got to enjoy some coffee and juice with the other parents and got to view a short film about all the cool stuff happening on campus.  Then we headed to the Kindergarten area where the kids were ready to get the event started.  Shyla's friend, Payton, joined us for the morning because her parents couldn't make it.

We did a scavenger hunt and some other worksheets, but mostly just chased Payton around and admired our beautiful and amazing 5 year old!

Good news - tomorrow is Grandparent's Day so there is more excitement to come.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Star of the Week

It was a very exciting week because Shyla brought home her information about being Star of the Week.  She has been looking forward to this for months!  Star of the Week entails creating a poster about yourself and doing a presentation to the class.  She worked really hard on her poster and decided to bring the following things with her: Hello Kitty (Goodbye Binky), her "S" from her wall, and Violet.

In other news - today is also the first day of Catholic Schools Week which meant Pajama Day and Pancakes for breakfast!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Date!

Lately I've been feeling like Harper is needing some extra one-on-one time.  I don't know if it's because of how busy I've been with work and the move, or maybe it's just her age, or maybe it's because she is still demanding to sleep with me each night.  But, in any event, I always try to make every minute count and am constantly reminding myself to breathe and enjoy.
Yesterday I knew that Stevie would have Shyla for her half-day and they always do something fun (this week it was sushi and fro-yo after waiting for the cable guy) so when I (finally!) left work and got Harper we headed straight for Starbucks for a quick date.  
Starbucks isn't necessarily special because we go just about everyday.  But, it's special when she gets a milk (this time she chose a box of vanilla) and when we share a baked treat.  And, it's extra special when we sit down together and …. just enjoy being together.  So blessed.

Monday, January 19, 2015

So This Happened:

Ugghh.  Not much to say here but I am seriously bummed!  I have to wait until Tuesday to talk to someone at the district office about what I do now.  Silly phone jumped right out of the car!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Normally when I talk about cousins I am referring to the love that Lilly, Zac, Shyla, and Harper have for each other.  But tonight, I'm going to refer to my own cousins!

Tonight was Taco Night!  A time-honored family tradition in which everyone is welcome, everyone talks over each other, and everyone gets mad at whoever doesn't show up but gets a to-go plate anyway.  Also, as we discussed tonight, there are a few things that are ALWAYS topics of conversation: weight, speed of talk, and bi-cracky bars.

It's crazy nights like these that make me realize how fortunate we are to have such a close family.

Cousin Cindy was in town for the weekend so the four of us girls got a little catch-up time.  It doesn't happen often, and it was loud and busy, but we are so lucky to have each other!

Shyla Under the Weather

We are coming off quite a week!  Let me tell you a little bit about it:
TUESDAY: Late night at Site Council and PTA for me meant a late night for Harper at Chelsea and Mikes and a late night for Shyla at Grandma and Grandpa's.  {Have we mentioned that it takes a village?}
WEDNESDAY: Shyla got sick at school and sent home.  They couldn't get ahold of me so called Stevie and he, much to the surprise of my coworkers, left work immediately to get her.  I finished my day and then took Harper for a haircut (more on that later) and finally made it home.
THURSDAY: Super busy work day for me, but with Shyla still fighting a fever I stayed home with her.  That evening Stevie and I attended, as planned, a financial aid meeting at St. Cyrils (perhaps more on that later as well) while Grandma and Grandpa took care of the girls.
FRIDAY: After a really rough night of temperatures, crying, and vomiting, I got up and ready for work.  My mom showed up at about 6am to wait for Shyla to wake up and take care of her.  However, when Deborah (my amazing principal) found out about Shyla's status, she demanded I stay home to take care of her.  We went to the doctor and she was negative for both strep and the flu so we were sent home to fight the virus and treat the symptoms.  I made Miracle Healthy Soup for the family and Grandma and Grandpa.
SATURDAY: We slept in until 8am!!  Wowzer!  And spent the rest of the day resting, Harper and Stevie went to Movers & Shakers, and we began our move!  Harper and I also got the go to taco night while Shyla and Stevie stayed home.

Phew!  What a week!  Here's hoping next week is not quite as busy and that everyone gets and stays healthy!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Harper's Date with Grandma and Grandpa

Earlier this week Grandma and Grandpa took Harper on a special date!  Grandpa picked her up at school and, after getting Grandma, they spent the evening at Trail Dust Town and even had dinner at Pinnicle Peak!  {With how busy we were last week, we forgot to get her a cute tie!}

She had a great time and was exhausted by the time they got home.  Most importantly she felt very special to get that time with them!