Sunday, December 4, 2016

Quick Weekend to Scottsdale

We just got back from a quick weekend in Scottsdale.  We had one night left with our timeshare that we didn't want to waste, and I decided to do the Hot Chocolate 5k.  All-in-all it was a nice weekend.  We crammed a lot into a few short days!

We left Saturday morning at about 9am and made it as far as Marana!  There we decided to stop at the new outlet mall because we hadn't been yet.  We did some shopping and the girls played a little bit.

Our next stop was the expo to pick up my race bib and sweatshirt.  This was a fun one because there was lots of chocolate available, the girls ran around a lot, and we even played imaginary baseball on a miniature field.

Since we weren't sure if our room would be ready yet, we decided to grab a late lunch at 5 & Diner.  The girls got to hula hoop outside!

There were no vacancies at my favorite, Kierland, so we stayed at the Desert Oasis.  It was nice, but Kierland is still my favorite.

We spent the evening at Christmas at the Princess, which was located just down the street from our hotel.  I had planned for my friend DeAnn and her family to meet us there, which delighted Harper because she and Delaney were good friends in preschool.

This was a fun event!  There were lots of Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and activities such as a carousel, ferris wheel (which we didn't do), tubing, and a train ride.  The girls wrote postcards to Santa and put them in the mailbox.

The girls got to meet Princess Noel and Selfie the Elfie!

Unfortunately, Shyla was tired or hungry or cold or overwhelmed or all-of-the-above, and she was acting out because of it.  We had to cut the evening short, drive through Chick-fil-A for dinner and go to sleep.

But it was fun while it lasted!

Then Sunday morning rolled around and it was time for the race.  DeAnn, Kennedy, and I did it.  My time was just over 35 minutes which wasn't bad for not training much at all, and I was proud that I ran just about all of it.  At the finish line, we got these mugs with chocolate, yummy things to dip in the chocolate, and delicious hot cocoa!

When it was time to head back to T-Town, we made a stop at the nearby playground to let the monkeys play for a bit and then grabbed lunch at a delicious japanese restaurant!  It was fast, furious, and fun!
(Now we're getting ready for the week ahead and I'm nursing a cold.  It's going to be a long one!)

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