Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harper Ann - 0 months old

Many months ago I bought these cute little stickers that you put on baby's clothes signifying how many months old they be looking for a post on the 15th of every month with an update.

For this first one, I was (understandably) a little late....Harper is 0 months old and it is crazy to me that she is actually almost 2 weeks old already.

We are all doing great!

Stevie and Shyla have had a lot of time together which has been really good for both of them. She is finally letting him carry her around and get her out of bed in the morning. Yesterday she went with him to move some dirt to a friend's house and then they went swimming in their pool. And today, as I write this, they are at Shyla's first movie (I'm dying to know how it is my opinion she is not ready...hopefully I am wrong).

Harper is a great baby! She is mellow and eating well and sleeping well too!

Since the 1 lottery ticket we bought yesterday matched zero numbers, Stevie has to go back to work next week. We are bummed about that but we have loved this family time together.


Sassy said...

So precious! Congratulations again!
I keep seeing these number stickers and think it's such a cute idea!

Your Mom said...

Love the sticker idea! How neat is that?! Man Harper is a beauty!

Suzanne said...

Happy to hear things are going well! Love the stickers too, especially because she is too young to even sit up yet!

Erin = ) said...

I love the idea - what a great keepsake all those photos will make for Harper when she's older!