Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Family Pictures

Stevie, Shyla and I spent the morning at the zoo (and it actually wasn't too hot). Shyla enjoyed having both Mommy and Daddy there and she enjoyed the time we spent in the "water-park" part of our little zoo. There are no pictures because I couldn't find my camera...until it turned up in my purse. I blame pregnancy brain.

Anyway, after the zoo Stevie got a (really long) round of golf in with Uncle Jim while Shyla and I came home to nap and do chores (a big thanks to Grandpa for coming over to do some of the stuff on Stevie's list).

And then we went to Aunt Vita and Uncle Al's house for a 4th of July BBQ. It was a lot of fun and we were hit by a nice monsoon! After the monsoon passed, the weather was perfect for just spending time outside. We took this opportunity to take some family pictures (someday I will be able to tell the twins apart. For now, though, I will refer to each as Simonafia):

Kirsten, Simonafia, Emma (Shyla's 2nd cousin), Shyla, Simonafia, Jim.

Kirsten, Simonafia, Shyla, Jim, Simonafia, Grandpa Steve.

And Shyla running. Really fast. On grass. That's why it's blurry!

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Anonymous said...

We love that Shyla invented the name Simonafia! She is so smart and we will now refer to the girls that way too! 4th of July was a great day!