Friday, April 25, 2014

Sleep Issues….

We have been having major sleep issues with Harper.  This is the same Harper that has been an amazing sleeper since she was an newborn.  Now, she's deciding that she doesn't like sleep.  Like, at all.

Bedtime starts between 7pm and 7:30pm.  Most nights she is still awake at 9:30pm.  What is she doing for all this time, you might be wondering?  Let's see….she sometimes:
  • screams, cries, hits, and tries to bite
  • reads really loudly
  • steals toys, one-by-one, from Shyla's room
  • gives a sleeping Shyla a doctor's check-up
  • sings - mostly "Let It Go"
  • runs around
  • plays with my shoes
  • watches basketball in our bed
  • changes her babies, using lots of powder
  • and others … we never really know what the night will bring
The pictures with this post are, obviously, of her sleeping.  I take them to remind myself that she does, in fact, sometimes sleep.  And because she's just do damn cute.


Your Mom said...

Sheesh!! What a little loon! Sure hope these sleep issues resolve quickly and she realizes that sleep is so wonderful!!!

Your Mom Again said...

She kinda reminds me of Eloise at the Plaza with all the busy things she absolutely must must must do raaather that sleep!!