Monday, September 9, 2013

A Weekend Away

This past weekend a buddy of Stevie's got married in Phoenix.  We left the girls with my family and headed up on Friday night, so we got to enjoy a full weekend of "us" time!

Friday night we had a really yummy (and expensive!!) dinner with Cesar and Eric at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant.  It was delicious seafood and a fun environment.

On Saturday morning-afternoon Stevie played golf with the groom and other wedding guys while Cesar, Eric and I did a few of my favorite things!  Cesar brought me Starbucks to enjoy in my room, then we had breakfast at Waffle House, then we shopped at the Premium Outlet Malls.  I bought myself a new Coach purse (okay, it's so 2012) and at 50% and 30% off, I paid way less than for my black one and it's much bigger!

Finally, it was time for the wedding!  I don't know Zach and Shannon very well but it was a beautiful wedding and it was filled with a lot of love and a lot of fun!  I've never seen a more giddy groom.

Sunday morning before heading home, I had really wanted to do a hike.  With a few friends' recommendations, we decided to head to South Mountain.  As we were driving there (yes, at 7AM the morning after a wild wedding!) we saw the storm coming.  And we were in a total downpour!  So, instead we went to Mimi's Cafe!

Once the rain stopped, we did complete the 2.5 mile walking/jogging/interpretive trail around the resort before heading home.

The girls were with Chelsea etc on Friday night and Grandma/Grandpa Saturday night.  It sounded like they, of course, had a blast!

Overall it was a really great weekend!

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