Thursday, May 14, 2009


Shyla's nursery is ready for her arrival!

She has lots of stuffed friends waiting in anticipation!

Those of you who know my dad, please compliment him on his generosity letting us have his rocking chair. We will think of him everytime we rock our baby to sleep!


Natalie said...

Hi Kendra! Consider me one of your stalkers. I have your blog saved under my favorites. The nursery looks great!

Suzanne said...

You will LOVE the rocker!!!

I remember those days, just waiting, and the excitement!

The Yager Family said...

Yippie a new blog post! I'm proud of you sister! And I'm not even the first commenter... but the THIRD!
Shyla's nursery is beautiful! I can not wait to meet her!

Suzanne said...

I hear you are getting induced today and I am sooo excited for all of you!