Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Growing Girl

We went to Shyla's 4 month appointment this afternoon, which was timed perfectly considering the cold situation.  Other than that, she is thriving!  She now weighs 15 pounds exactly (even after she went pee-pee on the scale) and is 25 inches long.  Both her height and weight are in the 75th percentile.

Because she was running a low-grade fever she didn't get her 4 month shots so we have to go back next Monday to get those done (as much as I love being a part of everything...I'm kind of glad Stevie is taking her for her 6 month shots so he can see her big teary eyes wondering why we are letting this happen to her).

So, other than the cold she is doing GREAT!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday we went to Mt. Lemmon for Oktoberfest.  It was fun!

Stevie, Grandma Forgacs, and Shyla.

Yesterday was also Shyla's first day wearing socks so we had to document the event!

We love that Shyla is interacting with toys now.  She loves her zebra!

Cute smiles!
The Forgacs three!
The Forgacs three!

Shyla gets a cold...

I guess it is appropriate that the post following Shyla's first day of daycare is the post about Shyla's first cold.  

I know I can't keep her in a bubble forever.  I know it, even though I don't like it.

I know it is actually good for her to be exposed to new germs to help build her immunities.  I know it, even though I don't like it.

She has been pretty sick for the past 48 hours or so...just really snotty and congested which means she can't sleep or rest well.

But, grandma to the rescue!  I am currently watching her snuggle with grandma Palmer where she has been resting very comfortably (and cutely) for about the past 2 hours.

No pictures with this post.  It's too sad to take pictures of her with snot in her hair and snot covering her nose and mouth.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shyla starts Daycare

Shyla's first day of Daycare was Tuesday, September 22.  She is going to ChildTime which is where Lilly and Zac go.
The night before her first day of school, she had to take a bath and she was a very happy girl!
This is the morning before we left for school.  Shyla has recently found her toes.  She hasn't quite figured out how to get them into her mouth but I'm sure she will soon.  She loves being naked!
And this is right before we left.  When I dropped her off she still looked happy like this.  I, however, did NOT look like this anymore.

She did really well.  The staff seem to really like her and when I pick her up she happy. 

Here's to 3 weeks off and 3 great weeks with my baby girl!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tummy Time and a visit with Conor

Tummy time is more of a success these days!  Shyla's going to be crawling in no time!

Conor came over for a visit the other night and to meet little Shyla.  She was quite taken with him!

Saguaro Race 9-7-09

On our day off (Labor Day) Chelsea, Nicole, Shyla, and I ran a 2-mile race at Saguaro National Park East.  It was great!  My time was 20 minutes and 23 seconds and we were the first stroller to finish!  Not too shabby!
Shyla was really tired after the race!
But it was worth it because she won her very first ribbon!
And got to meet Wilber the Wildcat!
Our bibs were yellow to distinguish us from the 8-milers!
We have many races ahead of us!  Much more fun to be had!

Why I don't blog often...

For those of you (mom!!) who wonder why I don't update my blog it is:

I have wasted many hours getting this message when trying to add photos.  If anyone has any suggestions as to how to avoid it, I am all ears.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just for fun...

Pancake gets really scared during storms and generally attaches herself to my hip when she hears thunder. Today I discovered that she is not scared when she is in the trailblazer in the closed garage. Don't worry, the doors were open!

Lilly eating a pepper at the tailgate. What a funny girl!

Shyla under the dryer at Great Waves.

Shyla being silly!

...and totallt cute!

The Bimbo Chair

I know it's actually called a bumbo chair...but it's bimbo more fun!

Shyla enjoying sitting up like a big girl!

And enjoying some "me time" with a magazine while gazing into the beautiful backyard.