Friday, January 21, 2011

Our 2010 Photo Shoot!

I'm a little behind on my posts and trying to catch up!

A few months (yes, months) ago we did a family photo shoot. I'd like to do 1 professional shoot each year.

I had been reading my friend Becca's blog called "Our Crazy Boys" and she did a give-away for a free photo shoot. And guess who won!

My sister.

Oh, AND me, because she was giving away two shoots. What are the chances?

So we got a free photo-shoot with a local (and very talented) photographer: AshBStarr Photography.

Check out our results:


faa said...

Hello! I was going around looking for blogs to read and I came across yours. Just want to say that you have some beautiful photos there :)

Your Mom said...

LOVE love love the photo shoot results and wish I had a few more prints...just sayin'.

chelsea said...

LOVE the pics! She did a great job!

Suzanne said...

So cute! And what sexy jeans you have too!

Bikram said...

hi great u all