Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Double-Stuffed with LOVE Babyshower!

For those of you who don't know, my beautiful sister-in-law, Kirsten, is pregnant with IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS!

Although she lives in California, she was able to come back into town one last time before delivery (which will probably be in 7-8 weeks from now), which meant we got to throw her a babIES shower!

I worked on the shower with some of Pat's best friends: Nancie, Julie, and Pat Sousa. I think everyone had a lovely time and I know Kirsten was showered with many lovely gifts! Those babies are already SO loved and will be SO spoiled (especially by, ahem, their favorite auntie!)

Have a look at some pics:

Chelsea and I made 2 diaper wreaths as decoration for the shower and also for the nursery if they choose. Chelsea had made me 1 when I was pregnant with Shyla and I loved having it in her room. I never actually used the diapers, but I did pull off the goodies as they were needed.

Shyla, of course, attended the shower! She is going to have so much fun playing with 2 girl cousins that are smaller than her! She was a very good girl at the shower and she had a lot of fun, come to find out, though, she was feeling under-the-weather and had a temperature of 101.3 when we got home. (sad face)

Kirsten received two beautifully knitted baby blankets (called car-seat blankets) from my Grandma Palmer. These are a treasure in our family and I'm sure the babies will treasure them also.
Big Steve spent a few days in Sedona and he brought back these ADORABLE onesies!

And then there was this gigantic box that everyone thought was going to have to be shipped back to CA for them. Turns out there was just a box of wipes with a note that the double stroller they registered for will be delivered to their home. He he he.

We hope Kirsten had fun at the shower and continues to feel good for the remainder of her pregnancy. And we hope to see those baby girls often!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our 2010 Photo Shoot!

I'm a little behind on my posts and trying to catch up!

A few months (yes, months) ago we did a family photo shoot. I'd like to do 1 professional shoot each year.

I had been reading my friend Becca's blog called "Our Crazy Boys" and she did a give-away for a free photo shoot. And guess who won!

My sister.

Oh, AND me, because she was giving away two shoots. What are the chances?

So we got a free photo-shoot with a local (and very talented) photographer: AshBStarr Photography.

Check out our results:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the 20th!

Today is the 20th!

Lilly is 1 month shy of 4 years old!

Zac is 25 months old!

Shyla is 20 months old!


We are 6 months away from welcoming Shyla's little brother or sister into the world!

Yep! We are pregnant! Just about 14 weeks along and SUPER excited!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fuddruckers! Won't you join us?

I co-lead a group of 30+ sixth graders to Catalina Island each Spring for 3 days of science/marine camp! To keep the cost of the trip down, we do 1 Restaurant Night each year.

This year our Restaurant Night is at Fuddruckers on Thursday, January 20th!

Won't you come support us?

All you have to do is bring a copy of the flyer you see below. Give it to the cashier when you order. And they will donate a portion of what you purchased back to our club.


And, I personally guarantee, you can eat those onion rings WITHOUT guilt knowing it's for the kids!