Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shyla Turns 4!

Over a month ago, my beautiful Shyla turned 4 years old!  I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming!  She is a wonderful big sister; that role seemed to come very naturally to her.  She is smart; currently really into numbers and counting, but starting to get more interested in letters.  She loves playing dress-up and {still} loves jumping and dancing.  Currently her favorite activity is swimming and she's doing great.
Big news when Shyla turned 4: no more binky!  And she's done great with it!
At Shyla's 4 year well-check (actually called a physical now) here's what we learned:
  • 90th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight
  • 20/30 vision
  • healthy!
  • should grow out of her melt-downs
Now for the celebrations that surrounded her special day!
The weekend before the official day we had her big birthday bash at McDonald Park complete with a Princess jumping castle, popsicles (in lieu of cake), and lots and lots of friends.

We also collected donations of coloring books and colors for the Gospel Rescue Mission again; something they really appreciate and makes us feel good.  We do this because we really, truly don't need anything and with the majority of our friends having little kids, we would all be constantly buying things.  This just seems like a great way to provide a service to our community.  And, plus, our girls get lots of presents from us and our family.

Continuing the celebrations .... Uncle Dan and Auntie Erin sent the birthday girl a yummy smily-face cookie.  They must know her really well :)

This is how the birthday girl went to school on her special day:

And these are the special treats I made for her to share with her school friends:

On the night of her birthday we had her Family Dinner at our house.  Grandma Barbara made the cake:

I cannot believe that I have a 4 year old but I am so blessed because she is a truly amazing 4 year old and I love her more than life itself.


Your Mom said...

It was a great party...seems like a million years ago tho! And Miss Shyla was the star!

Erin =) said...

In honor of that amazing 4 year old you have, my top 4 favorite things from this post:
1. Shyla's outfit for school on her birthday - you go, girl!

2. Those fruit kabobs look super cute and are such a good balance of fun and nutritious (not an easy feat!).

3. We were so bummed to miss her party, but love that you got a picture of her with that cookie - so cute! We can't wait to see the big girl soon!!

4. I have always LOVED the coloring books/colors going to that local organization and will of course be duplicating that when the time comes - such an awesome way to "walk the walk" = )