Saturday, May 28, 2016

VIP Graduation

The day following the Desert Willow end-of-preschool celebration, we got to celebrate Harper's graduation from VIP (Vail Inclusive Preschool)!  It was amazing!  Harper has had such a great experience at VIP.  Her teacher was Ms. Jessica and her speech teacher was Ms. Cheryl.  We will be forever grateful for the love and care she received there.
Thank you to Grandma & Grandpa Palmer, along with Grandpa Steve and Viv for joining us for the event!  Harper's class performed a super-hero song (thus the cape and mask) and then we celebrated with a yummy dinner.
Harper was so cute up on stage!  Her cap wouldn't stay on but she didn't care!  She was so excited to be up there and she waved at the family with much enthusiasm.  When it was time to put her arm around her classmate, she didn't even hesitate.  We are so very proud!

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