Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mt. Lemmon Marathon!

Did y'all know that my sister is nutty? She is.

She orchestrated (beautifully, I might add) the Vail School District team to run in the inaugural Mt. Lemmon marathon/half-marathon.

I like to think that I am not nutty. When I first heard about this race, I thought anyone who signed up would have to be out-of-their-minds.

Nope, not nutty. But I guess I am easily persuaded though.

As Chelsea was recruiting runners for the event, sending persuasive emails, getting sponsors, and making me feel lazy, I gave in and signed-up. I think it was the idea of the long-sleeve finishers shirt that really lured me in.

All of us crazies started running up the mountain at 6:00 AM. Three hours and ten minutes later I crossed the finish line:
Some hi-lights from the day (other than finishing, of course):
  • Our fellow French Toasts, with cowbell of course, cheering for us along the way at at the finish line.
  • Watching Andy (another French Toast) finishing the FULL!
  • Finishing 1 minute ahead of Chelsea after running together for over 12 miles (sorry, Chels, it's all physics)
  • The ridiculously good breakfast at the Cookie Place
  • Putting on the finishers shirt!
  • James being announced as the winner of the FULL when he did the HALF (okay...I didn't actually hear this because I was 5 minutes behind James but I know it happened and it makes me giggle.
  • Finishing before the winner of the FULL (by about 3 minutes).
  • Our fellow French Toasts being there for support! (I know I already mentioned it, but it was truly amazing to have them there.)
Up next - Vegas, Baby!


Your MOM said...

I am so proud of both of you...and of the French Toasters because I know most of them! GO VEGAS!

chelsea said...

I agree with most of that. Yes, I'm nutty. Yes, FTM are super cool peeps and it was awesome having them there. Yes, James? FUNNY.
Physics, however? I don't buy it.

Love you!

Suzanne said...

I get down on my knees and bow for both of you. I have no excuse (but I could make one up easily), and are always rooting you all on!

butterflymama said...

The fact that James was announced the winner is HILARIOUS!!!
Congrats on finishing!!!

Stephanie said...

I am SO IMPRESSED, Kendra! Was this your 1st 1/2 marathon? Someday I'm going to run in one. I am. :)