Friday, December 17, 2010

Two-Week Break! Wahoo!

Phew! Today was my last day of school before winter break! ...a much needed winter break!

The next two weeks promise to be busy but fun and full of things that I love; especially the face that you see below!

I used to look forward to break so I could sleep in. I know that won't happen, but I am looking forward to staying in my sweatpants a little longer than usual. I am also looking forward to being the one to put my baby down for her nap, and go for long walks with her, and cook healthy meals. And, of course, I'm looking forward to Christmas!

Being that I survived the day before break, I thought a celebration was in order!

After dropping some holiday cards that the kids made for overseas troops at Gabrielle Giffords office, Shyla and I celebrated in fashion.

At DQ!

She was happy to know that Mommy is on break and happy that I picked her up earlier than usual because it meant I got to sit and have snack with her and her friends.

I celebrated with a Dilly Bar. It was delicious. It was also quite a bit smaller than I remember.

Shyla got her first ice cream cone. The "kiddie cone" was larger than I had expected!

She dug right in and laughed every time that ice cream hit her face!

Then, with a messy face, she gave me her cone when she was done. I thought about finishing it, to make up for the poorly sized dilly bar, but I didn't and I threw it away instead.

To all of my teacher friends who are starting break, ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!

To all of my other friends, not starting break, HA!


Jess said...

Shyla is the sweetest!! I brought Cain to work with me today and he is really not used to it so he was crying, and Shyla brought a book over and was sharing it with us! It was very cute to see, and she did help distract and make him feel a bit better (at least for a couple minutes!)Have fun with your baby love on your break! I love staying in my sweats too! comfort is the way to go!

Chelsea said...

Yeah! I love break, I love DQ, and I love sweatpants!
Errr... also, I totally love HER and YOU and Christmas!
This post makes me happy happy happy!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Wahoo is right!!

I actually have to specifically ask for a small, small, kid sized cone when we go to DQ. They're so sweet and always make them big :)

Your Mom said...

Awww...she should be an AD for ice cream with that face and those LIPS!!! Glad that you, and all teachers, are getting a little well deserved respite

Suzanne said...

You are brace, letting her eat it in the carseat! Our (Soren's) first was DQ too, and I can't say our last!
Lovin' the break so far too!

Karen said...

I must echo Suzanne - so brave giving her the cone in the carseat! But what cute pictures!