Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why I haven't posted...

It's been awhile since I've posted and here's why:

That lady ate me and stored me all in her face. How rude!

We've been too busy sliding down slides!

...with our cousins!

...who sometimes do things their own ways!

And we've been playing the piano. A lot!

A few other things we've been doing:
  • waking up at all hours of the night
  • driving Pancake to the ER with a swollen face and hives (don't worry, she's okay)
  • making reindeer noses
  • gearing up for the annual Forgacs Family Fight
  • addressing, stamping, stuffing, and licking Christmas Cards
  • hoping those Christmas cards will be in the mail before, you know, Christmas


chelsea said...

You are crazy! Your face is gorgeous.
Great slide pics!
PLEASE take pics of the annual Forgacs Family Fight! Pretty pretty please!

Your Mom said...

Beautiful picture of you, goofball! And ah yes, THE fight; Ali and Frazier duking it out for real vs artificial trees!

Erin =) said...

I agree, you are nuts, that photo is so pretty!! And that Shyla...I need to see her soon, she's getting so big and even more beautiful by the day = ) I hope sleepless nights and trips to the ER go by the wayside in favor of fun holiday stuff -- I've got to hear about this annual Forgacs Family (I know there's another "F" but can't fight?)!

Jeannette said...
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Jeannette said...

I agree you are silly and lovely. LOVE your Christmas card. It was the first one we got this year. Well done! :o)