Saturday, February 12, 2011

and so we played!

We just ended a long, busy week.

I have 2 great girlfriends in town and went to a girl's dinner on Wednesday night so I didn't see my Shyla May. I was looking forward to playing with her on Thursday morning before work because I didn't have a meeting, but when she woke up she was mad. She was out of sorts and not herself and just plain mad.

My mom, graciously, took her back to her doctor on Thursday who said her ear looked better but was still clogged. Thursday night I have parent-teacher conferences until 7:00 PM so I missed her bedtime again. Then Friday morning I had to sneak out of the house before she woke up because Stevie was taking her back to the ENT while I went to work.

Conferences lasted until 4:00 PM on Friday so I rushed home to see my girl.

And was SO relieved and happy to find that she was in good spirits. So we played, and played, and played! (Oh yea, and took pictures because I am still getting used to my new camera!)


In case you are wondering, after her bath this evening I did trim her bangs so hopefully we will be able to see her eyes in any pictures I take today!


Chelsea said...

OH I just love her so much!!!

Your Mom said...

Ditto what Chels said!!! And I am glad we will be able to see those beautiful eyes!!!

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

So adorable! I hope her ear gets better!