Monday, August 1, 2011

Harper's 2-week Well Baby Check

Today I took Harper to her 2-week well baby check with Dr. Terry. She did awesome and he is so impressed with her growth!

She now weighs 8 pounds/11.5 ounces and is 21 inches long.

This means she gained 11.5 ounces in just 10 days!

This means the breastfeeding is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, and it means the pain and the up-all-night feedings is totally worth it.

In other news, she lost her umbilical cord yesterday and still has a perfect disposition!

I continue to feel overly blessed and lucky!


Erin = ) said...

I am so happy to hear (and see!) that Harper is doing so great - I am just DYING to meet her!! While I know it is great she is growing, can you make sure she isn't walking before we get to meet her?! Kendra, she is so beautiful!!

Your Mom said...

What great news for the whole family!

Your Mom Again said...

And she really looks like Stevie in those pictures!

Maria said...

Congratulations!! beautiful!