Friday, August 12, 2011

Shyla Running!

This morning we went for a family walk at Udall; me pushing the double-stroller and Stevie walking beside. I have been walking 1.6 miles each day until my doctor gives me the okay to run. After the first lap (which is 0.8 miles) Stevie went to do some pull-ups which resulted in Shyla wanting to get out of the stroller...and by "wanting" I mean screaming and crying and trying to physically remove herself from the stroller.

So, we let her.

And she ran.

And she ran.

And she ran some more.

She ran more than 1 lap (read: more than 0.8 miles), only stopping when she fell.

Pretty soon she will be just one more person finishing before me in my races, but that's okay because we are working to instill in her the importance of exercise.

BTW - she never cried when she fell....she only cried when we made her get in the car to go home.

That's my girl.

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Your Mom said...

Amazing! That's my little runner!