Friday, January 20, 2012

On Kindness

For over a month now Shyla’s school has been focused on kindness. To celebrate all that the kids learned they hosted a Kindness Ceremony. It was very cool. As a teacher I am well aware of the extra work that goes events like this. Now as a parent, I truly appreciate it.

There wasn’t a huge turnout, but I am super glad we attended. We all listened intently to the guest speaker, who is a zoo keeper, as she talked about how we kindly care for animals. And then the teachers presented each child with a kindness certificate. Shyla’s teacher, Ms Christy, told everyone that Shyla was very kind to Nikki when she pulled her chair out for her so she could get to the potty.

So proud of my little girl and I so enjoyed watching her in that environment!


butterflymama said...

Awww!!! How cute!!!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful, and she's so lucky to have Ms. Christy too!

Your Mom said...

I am so proud of her too...and I am impressed that she marched up for her award as well!

Erin = ) said...

Awww, my heart is melting = ) What a good girl, Shyla!