Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harper is 10 Months!

Yesterday was Harper's 10 month birthday.  Yesterday I got a call at about 9 AM that she was sick at daycare.  Fortunately, Stevie was able to go get her and I get to spend the day with her today.  (He took her to the doctor and her ears & throat are fine, so we need to treat the symptoms and allow the virus to run its' course.)

As you know, I usually do a birthday photo-shoot with the month stickers but she was so warm last night that I had to just put her in a tepid bath to bring her fever down.  Notice how resourceful I was with the bath toys?

Anyway, I cannot believe that Harper is 10 months already!  Pretty soon we will be planning her 1st birthday!

Harper at 10 months may be my favorite stage!  She is fun and it's exciting for us to see what will make her laugh.  She is crawling all over the place, scooting when she really wants to get somewhere quickly, and walking if she has a table or something else stationary to hold onto.  She has 2 little teeth on the bottom and I believe she is working on some more, based on the amount of drool and chewing on things she is doing.

She takes about 5 bottles a day, adding up to about 20 ounces.  We are trying to get her to get more and more nutrition from food but she has a hard time sitting still in the high-chair.

Shyla is still her favorite thing to look at.  It won't be long before these 2 are running around causing havoc together.

I love how soft her skin is and how she gazes up at me when I rock her.  I love the little baby noises she makes and how I feel like we are actually communicating.  I love when I hand her a bottle in the car she just reaches her little chubby hand out to grab it.

It is this age and stage that really makes me understand why my mom always told us we "weren't allowed" to get any older.


Your Mom said...

So how come you disobey me and keep getting older and not you have equally disobedient children who insist on getting older too!! hhmmmmph.

Suzanne said...

To me, she looks so much like Shyla in that bath photo! I get you on the "not allowed to get older" thing. Soren is growing so tall, I feel like his legs are going to outgrow the length of his bed. Hard to believe he's "my baby"!

Erin = ) said...

I love the bath toys in the background - very creative, Kendra! It made me laugh thinking of her little chubby hands and how special this age is for sweet little Harper.