Sunday, December 23, 2012

Savoring Every Second

Tis the season!  It has been super busy around here.  In looking at our family calendar, there has been and will be at least 1 activity planned everyday for the last week and through Christmas in 2 days!  This has meant some added stress, late bedtimes, loss of routine, and an overall feeling of disorientation.  But I love it!  The fact that we have so many occasions to celebrate is due to the fact that we have so many friends and family.  We are blessed and I am behind in blogging about all this fun we are having!

However, I also really love the down-time we sometimes have together.  And that is what this post is about.  In the wake of the devastating tragedy in Connecticut, Stevie and I have found ourselves really relishing in the little moments around here.  We have found ourselves to be much more patient with the girls and found ourselves hugging them a little tighter and a littler longer.

But I literally cannot stop thinking about those families in CT and what they must be going through.  From the very second a woman finds out she is pregnant she has one job - to keep that baby safe.  Every decision we make has that fundamental base.  It is unthinkable to drop your child off at school, and have that be the last time....  

I am a worrier.  I always have been but as I became a mother that trait grew exponentially.  In my family we call it "hearing sirens."  I worry about my girls having friends at school and feeling included. I am terrified that one of them will get some terrible illness.  I worry about car accidents.  But until last week, school safety was not something I worried about.

I'm truly at a loss right now.  I'm not even certain how to wrap up this rambling post.  I guess I will end with these pictures of us doing nothing, but meaning everything, because we are together and savoring every second.

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Erin =) said...

Oh, say it perfectly, that "nothing" can mean "everything" you and those girls!