Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lilly's 6th Birthday Date!

Lilly turned 6(!) in February so our present to her was a special date with me and Uncle Stevie.  We had the opportunity to fulfill that yesterday afternoon!

We thought it would be neat and different to go to a UofA Gymnastics Meet.  None of us had every been so it was new and, especially since it was senior day, it was really very cool.
Those girls are so talented and we talked a lot about how hard they must work at their sport and hoe dedicated they are to it and to each other.  In reality, I think the meet was a little long for Lilly and she got bored toward the end.

After the meet we went to How Do You Roll for a sushi dinner!  (We had seen this place on the show Shark Tank and had been wanting to try it - it's like Subway, only sushi instead of sandwiches!)  YUM!

And, as all our dates seem to, it ended with her falling asleep in the car-seat!

Thanks to Chelsea and Mike for taking care of the other three kids while we went on this special date!  We cannot believe that Lilly is 6 already and that she's such a little lady now!  These dates are just as special for us as we hope they are for the kids!


Your Mom said...

What a lucky little lady to have such wonderful and cool godparents and uncle/aunt!!! They will always remember these special times.

Erin =) said...

Love it, love it, love it!