Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year ~ Hello 2014!

Today is new years day.  We spent the day as a family: I got to sleep in until 8am, then we spent some time at the playground, then we attempted to take a nap (and failed), followed by a family walk/bike ride that ended with a Harper meltdown.  
After a drive to calm her down, she fell asleep at 6pm and I beat Shyla in a game of Enchanted Cupcake Party.  She is undefeated at Candyland, both games were from Santa, but we are super excited that she is old enough to play games now.

We already know that 2014 is going to be busy: new job for me, Stevie's program is expected to take off, my NAU classes, Disneyland in January, Coronado in March, Colorado over the summer, something special in October, etc.

But, as always, we are just going to try to enjoy each day and each moment.  Together.

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Erin = ) said...

Love the girls with their sign - really shows how much they are growing up! I need to see them asap before they're teenagers =) Welcome 2014 indeed!