Monday, March 16, 2015

Coronado Vacation Day 3

A day at the beach!
We spent a few hours at the beach, watching the kids run into and out of the waves.  The water was cold but they all got in and played.  They lasted a lot longer than anyone thought they would have.  (BTW - Harper is going through a phase in which she doesn't like to smile for posed pictures.  She is choosing to either look mad or make a really funny face.)

Later in the afternoon Uncle Dan and Auntie Erin came for a visit!  We loved catching up with them and the kids had even orchestrated a mini-surprise-shower since Baby Gunning will be arriving in June.  It's always so great to see them and all the kids, but especially our two, feel so loved by them.  We spent some time at the candy store, then Star Park, had a yummy dinner, then a trip to Moo Time.  Oh yeah, the evening was complete after the UA beat Oregon to win the Pac 12 Championship but the only 2 to stay awake until the end were Grandpa and Zac!

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