Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sabino Canyon Hike

We just finished up a GREAT but really busy weekend!  Stevie's friend, Charles, got married.  Unfortunately I took no pictures of Charles or the wedding or the rehearsal dinner.  But, because of the wedding, Comron and Carrie were in town from Ohio with their precious 10 week of baby boy, Eddison.  It was so great to catch-up with them!  When they lived here we saw them quite frequently and even were on a bowling team together and had Big Brother Nights!  It's hard for me to believe that Carrie has been gone from Tucson for five years already!  Anyway, after the wedding festivities were over, we spent Sunday morning at Sabino Canyon for a beautiful hike!  In hindsight we went about 10 minutes to far and that led to some whining as we were almost back, but it was a great morning with good exercise, good company, and good weather.  Oh, yeah, and that gila monster!

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