Saturday, February 28, 2015

California Vacation Day 5

Saturday….our final real day of vacation.  We got up, had another yummy breakfast, the girls took baths, and we headed over the the Twins' house.  More play time for the girls, more Sabrina snuggles for me, and then we headed back to the park.  Auntie Kirsten and Sabrina stayed behind to get some much needed rest.  The girls just played, and played, and played, and then ate another picnic lunch, and then played some more.  After a few hours we headed back, but made a quick stop at a local gelato shop.
By the end of the evening we had four exhausted little blond girls and the evening ended with a Harper meltdown (that lasted for quite awhile) and a Shyla panic-attack (that we were able to control very quickly).  Regardless of the less-than-ideal ending, we have had a great trip and feel so lucky to have had all this time with the Twins, Baby Sabina and, of course, their parents too!

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Your Mom said...

???Too much fun??? I guess there is such a thing! Have a safe and mellow trip home...