Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wrinkles Belongs To...

When we were growing up, Chelsea and I both had Pound Puppies that Grandma Sonntag had given us.  Mine was named Peaches and, as legend has it, when I opened the package on Christmas morning I exclaimed, "Peaches and Cream!  Just what I always wanted!"  Peaches became part of my life and went everywhere and did everything with me, perhaps even to an uncomfortably too-old age.

Chelsea's was named Wrinkles and even wore a collar that said, "Wrinkles Belongs to Chelsea."  I had my concerns about Wrinkles from the start.  And, when I really felt that Wrinkles was not being taken care of well enough, I stepped in and took her away.  So, for many years Wrinkles actually Belonged to Kendra.

Well, enter Harper.  Harper is a snuggly baby and loves baby-dolls and stuffed animals.  A few nights ago she ended up with Wrinkles and has been snuggling with him ever since.  

So, now, Wrinkles Belongs to Harper.

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Chelsea Scopellite said...

I had no choice when you took Wrinkles from me, but I happily pass him on to Harper :)
Also, the phrase "Wrinkles belongs to Chelsea" no carries much more significance... right around my eyes...