Monday, February 23, 2015

Aunt Cicely is in Town!

I know I've mentioned countless number of times how blessed we are to have friends who are basically family.  As those friends and us have grown, many have married and had kids.  Watching and listening to our kids play nicely with our friends' kids is beautiful music to our ears!  They all have so much fun together and already treasure each other's friendship just as we do.

This past weekend Aunt Cicely and Baby Lela were visiting from the cold northeast.  We had a super busy weekend but made sure to carve out enough time for a fun dinner at the Eller's house (side note - they have a huge, kid-friendly backyard which makes it the perfect house for a get-together and makes me incredibly jealous!)

I just love this picture of the girls crowded around Aunt Cicely.  If pictures had audio all you would hear would be the giggles of little girls.  Amazing!

{You might be wondering where all the boys and dads are.  That was something we consistently wondered for most of the night!}

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