Saturday, February 28, 2015

California Vacation Day 3

Thursday of vacation was a blast!  The twins had preschool for a few hours in the morning so the Forgacs 4 headed for Malibu!  We always try to incorporate some exercise even into vacations and we want the girls to really experience different things than they can in their own backyard.  Stevie found out about this hike called Escondido Falls.  It was 3.5 miles (and we only had to carry the girls for short distances) that started out in a hilly neighborhood of mansions.  I really wonder if any of those homes belong to celebrities.  Then the trail took us down into a green, vegetated canyon that resembled a jungle.  It was cool and shady and absolutely beautiful!

After the hike we picked up some picnic foods and met the rest of the family at a park near their school.  The girls played for hours, enjoyed a yummy picnic, then we spent the rest of the day at their house for even more playtime.

Needless to say, bedtime has been a breeze on this trip because the girls (and us) are exhausted - we all just crawl into bed and fall asleep!

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Your Mom said...

awwww what a beautiful day!