Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Fair 2015

Yesterday we attended the annual Fall Fair at Shyla's school.  This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the school and something that all the kids (but especially mine, I'd argue) look forward to and anticipate.  This year was extra special because Grandma joined us with Lilly and Zackary.  I think the cousins all had a good time together, like always.
It ends up being an expensive outing but it's for a good cause.  We had yummy food, the kids did lots of rides, Stevie was a trooper and did all the rides that required an adult. and the kids played lots of carnival games to win lots of really crappy awesome prizes!
Harper - all though she was most excited for the bear ride, she seemed to enjoy the fun-house with the long slide the most.
Shyla - felt sick after her 2nd ride on the Starship Gravity ride and fortunately didn't whine too much that we missed the cake walk.
Zac - was a little bummed that he required a grown-up on some of the rides but seemed to have fun nonetheless, we also found out he is not (yet) the World Strongest Man.
Lilly - became quite the roller coaster expert and started putting her arms up in the air.

Overall it was a fun afternoon and we all came home exhausted.  Stevie even slept for 2+ hours!  Until next year Fall Fair….

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