Sunday, October 4, 2015


We just got back from a fun weekend in Pinetop!  This past week or so has been somewhat of a blur but I will try to do a recap:
I was in Tubac last Tuesday - Thursday for a School Law Conference.  Stevie came down on Tuesday for (an amazing) dinner, drinks, and then a round of golf on Wednesday.
When I left Tubac at noon on Thursday, I picked up (in the following order): Harper, Aunt Nannette, Pancake, and then Shyla and we hit the road for Pinetop.  See our Starbucks-selfie below.

My parents were already there and Uncle Pete and Stevie came up on Friday.

Stevie, my Dad, and Uncle Pete played golf on Friday and Saturday so the girls and I had lots of time.  On Friday we took a lovely hike with Grandma and on Saturday we went to Woodland Park and played not he playground and walked a little bit around the lake.

We played a rousing game of Go-Fish (Uncle Pete won!) and a few rounds of LRC.  We even got to spend some time with the Robs who were up for a 36 mile bike race.

All-in-all it was a great weekend and another successful cabin trip!

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Erin :) said...

Such lucky girls to have an amazing outdoor getaway with family! Looks amazing =)