Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wedding!

Cindy looked beautiful...Dean looked some miracle Joe got his tux in-time and looked quite daper himself. I wish I could say that the ceremony was beautiful but, due to babies crying, Chelsea and I missed it! We heard much of it though and it sounded fun! We are so happy for Cindy and Dean and wish them much joy, smiles, and laughter in the future.

Shyla looked beautiful for the 2nd wedding she attended. She is pretty much an expert! Although, unlike Lilly, she doesn't think it should be her turn to get married next!

Chelsea had a good time...or so it appears!

Annie looked amazing! Here she is admiring Shyla.

The zebra drank my soda. How rude! ...and random.

Uncle Pete, Dad, and Shyla.

I think Zac had the best time of anyone. He danced all night with Nannette!

Uncle Pete, Cindy, and Stevie.

Cindy, Chelsea, and the party-animal Zac!

Nannette, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Pete. I think it too about 4 tries to get this picture because Pete kept talking.

The ceremony was great! We couldn't stay long because I wanted to feed Shyla and let her rest a little bit. I wish I had a picture of DJ Steve because he was crazy. Oh well, I guess he will have to live on in our memories...

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Your Mom said...

Fun wedding too...Vegas survived a Palmer invasion so I guess it is indeed here to stay!