Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Random Pics from the Weekend!

Stevie and Lilly played at Purple Heart Park on the swings...

...and the slides.

My sister the multi-tasker. Isn't she amazing?

Grandma and Grandpa Forgacs with Baby Shyla at the Santos Home.

...and Steve washing our windshield!

The Arrival of BOB!

Way back in March (yes, 5 months ago) I ordered a jogging stroller that is compatible with our carseat. Well, to make a long story short, it never arrived. Finally I cancelled the order, got the money back, and ordered a BOB jogging stroller. It is not compatible with our carseat but it has really great reviews, Shyla can sit in it without the carseat, and (best of all) it arrived in less than 1 week. Let the half-marathon training begin!

Because Shyla is so little we had to work hard to tighten the we practiced with Stitch because he's pretty much Shyla-sized and doesn't cry if you pull the straps too tight.

Finally it was her turn. She looks so small!

I don't have any pictures of BOB's maiden voyage because I was, well, running but we met for coffee at Le Buzz after. I love this picture of Brian with Shyla because of the look on her face! Don't worry, we did eventually let him take her out of the carseat and he held her the whole time we were there! Brian is a natural...

Chelsea and Nicole after the run.

Queen Victoria

Shyla has a really cute onesie that has a collar that just won't stay down! We call her Queen Victoria when she wears it.

Jason doesn't feel 100% comfortable holding babies but he just couldn't resist Shyla. He thinks he might have squeezed her. I think she looks really happy though!

An upclose view of Queen Victoria!

It was for the Kids!

So Dairy Queen had a special day where the purchase of every blizzard benefitted the Children's Miracle Network. Of course we went!

See...I'm not really was for the kids!

Even Shyla, hanging out here with Alexia, helped the kids out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shyla's Name Plate

The first time that Stevie and I went to Las Vegas together was for Dan's 21st birthday in May 2004. While there, I saw these cool name designs and I really liked them so Stevie surprised me by buying me one. I thought it would be nice for Shyla to have one of her own. When we were in Vegas in April I was looking for one, but never found one. While there this past weekend we found a woman creating them outside of the shark encounter so, of course, we bought one and, of course, I had to take pictures of Shyla with her name.

Facing My Fears

I have always been afraid of sharks. I have no problem with bugs or snakes, but I really don't like sharks. Well, Mandalay Bay has a shark encounter that we decided to visit. It was VERY cool and educational enough for Mom to enjoy it also!

It was the first time that Shyla used her stroller without the carseat attached. Doesn't she look cute? and small?

Me and my girl with a nice lush background.

A great picture of Nancy, Grandma, Nannette, Shyla, and Mom. This one was taken in the shark tunnel. That's right! There were sharks swimming over our heads and to our left and right!

Mom and Nannette getting educated with the audio-wands.

And, finally, the professional picture. We had a great time. We were sorry that Lilly had to miss it because she would have really enjoyed it. Oh well, there's always next time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wedding!

Cindy looked beautiful...Dean looked some miracle Joe got his tux in-time and looked quite daper himself. I wish I could say that the ceremony was beautiful but, due to babies crying, Chelsea and I missed it! We heard much of it though and it sounded fun! We are so happy for Cindy and Dean and wish them much joy, smiles, and laughter in the future.

Shyla looked beautiful for the 2nd wedding she attended. She is pretty much an expert! Although, unlike Lilly, she doesn't think it should be her turn to get married next!

Chelsea had a good time...or so it appears!

Annie looked amazing! Here she is admiring Shyla.

The zebra drank my soda. How rude! ...and random.

Uncle Pete, Dad, and Shyla.

I think Zac had the best time of anyone. He danced all night with Nannette!

Uncle Pete, Cindy, and Stevie.

Cindy, Chelsea, and the party-animal Zac!

Nannette, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Pete. I think it too about 4 tries to get this picture because Pete kept talking.

The ceremony was great! We couldn't stay long because I wanted to feed Shyla and let her rest a little bit. I wish I had a picture of DJ Steve because he was crazy. Oh well, I guess he will have to live on in our memories...

Fun Times on the Strip

We didn't spend much time walking the strip like we normally do because of the kids and the strollers.

Dad, Shyla, and I did decide to walk to the Luxor from Margaritaville. This is all Shyla saw though!

Shyla loves Grandpa! She is a chatty-cathy when he is around.

Mom and Georgine. It was SO great to see family from Michigan.

Las Vegas will really take it outta you! Gotta get some zzzzzzz.

Road Trip!

This past weekend the majority of my family traveled to Las Vegas for Cousin Cindy's wedding! It was a lot of fun but very fast! I drove with Stevie, my mom, and Shyla. Out of the four of us, Shyla was by-far the best traveler.

She is looking so alert these days and really strengthening her neck muscles!

This is what I saw for most of the trip! She was very excited to go through the Hoover Dam for the first time.

And here she is eating at a gas station! What a trooper!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

No More Pancakes Jumping On The Bed!

Alternate Title: Our Little Pancake is at the Bottom of the Stack
2nd Alternate Title: I Think I'm Going to Regret this Purchase

For about 2 years Pancake was #1 in our home. Everything revolved around her and she really ruled the roost. Well, with the arrival of Shyla, that has changed. For example:

  • Poor Pancake had gotten used to getting 2 long walks a day. Now she's lucky to get one a week (to be fair, if she would behave herself when we walk with the stroller, she would still be getting 2 walks).

  • Poor Pancake had gotten used to being allowed to rough-house with Stevie. Now, to prevent rough-housing with Shyla, she has to be calm, cool, and collected at all times.

  • Poor Pancake had gotten used to being fed each day. Now... just kidding! We still feed Pancake just at different times than we used to.

When left inside, Pancake has always rearranged our things. She has never destroyed anything but she brings things that she likes into the living room (maybe to keep her company). She used to only do this when we were gone or just not paying attention....

Lately she has gotten more brave and she does it when we are home and watching her. She has also narrowed her focus to be only Shyla's stuffed animals. Still yet to destroy anything, she likes to surround herself with stuffed friends. The above picture shows her looking a bit guilty, albeit content.
You might be wondering why there is a picture of our bedroom in the Pancake Post. Well, Pancake had also gotten used to sleeping in our bed with us. Something possessed me to purchase a stark-white quilt today for our bed, however, and I therefore must insist that she keep her dirty dog-self off the white bed. Hence: no more Pancakes jumping on the bed. Also hence: I think I'm going to regret this purchase...simply because who in their right mind puts beautiful white bedding on the bed they share not only with their husband but also their dog and newborn baby?

We really do love our Pancake! She is a great dog who tries to be good. She has very appropriate behavior around Shyla. She lets me call her all sorts of nicknames, to name a few:
  • Pancakes and Eggs
  • Waffles
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Pancake-cita

(maybe I should see someone about my obsession with food...)

Cousin Cindy's Bridal Shower

Our cousin, Cindy, is getting married in 4 days in Vegas so we went to her bridal shower over the weekend and had a great time!

The bride-to-be with Shyla...she is a natural!

Shyla was a big hit at the party! ...of course!

Aunt Nannette loves Shyla May!

Chelsea and Zacky-Boom. He was one of only 2 boys at the shower and he, too, made quite the impression.

Cousin Anne finally got to meet Shyla. Let's hope this made her want to have another baby! We discussed having a family vote on the situation but not so sure Anne was keen on that idea!

Crazy Hair!

After bath night Shyla's hair is out of control (okay, not as out of control as Lilly's...but still)!

A nice close-up of the crazy hair!

Chief Red Toe

One of the first things people often notice about Shyla (after, of course, her striking beauty) is her red toe. So, I thought I'd take a moment to explain to the world once and for all; or at least the 3 people who follow my blog.

Shyla was born with the most adorable toes! Her left pinky toe (you know, the one that went "wee, wee, wee, wee...all the way home") has a port wine stain on it. At the hospital it was referred to as a "stork bite" and my pediatrition refers to it as an "angel kiss." I sometimes call it a "stork kiss" or an "angel bite."
Here is a close-up of the toe! It will probably fade with time...but I love it and I hope it doesn't!