Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beth's Baby Shower

Beth and I have been best friends since college when we played softball for Pima. We lived together (with Stevie) for years and when Stevie and I got engaged she decided to move out (it was a sad day). But, she had already met Dave who would soon become her husband and now, here we are 6 years later, still BFFs, and she is soon to have Shyla's BFF, Sadie.

I was honored to co-host her baby shower (especially since she wouldn't let us throw her a bridal shower) with her sister, Abbie, and her mom.

She is due October 22 which is fitting because her birthday is October 19, mine is October 23, and Stevie's is October 26. Secretly I am hoping she is born on the 20th (to fit the theme) or the 23rd!
This delicious cake was made from scratch by one of Beth's Mom's friends. She doesn't do this for a living, but she should! Don't you think?

Beth, Dave, and Sadie were definitely showered with gifts. That is going to be one well-dressed little girl!
Beth and Dave - a beautiful couple! Sadie is going to be just gorgeous!

Beth with her sister, Abbie!

And the happy couple again!

Beth - thank you for letting us throw your shower and I hope it was exactly what you wanted! We are so happy for you and we can't wait to meet Baby Sadie and welcome you into this crazy wonderful world of parenthood!

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Erin = ) said...

Yay for Beth! Yay for a blog post! What a beautiful mom-to-be and a lifelong friend to celebrate with:) I can't wait to hear all about Sadie's arrival...and see pics on the blog! Woohoo!