Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Playground in our Neighborhood!

As you know we recently moved. We love our new neighborhood! We also loved our old neighborhood...but this one is better! More on that in a moment...

As many of you also know, my blood pressure has been high (much-too-high) since going on bed-rest before Shyla was born. One reason for that could be my lack of exercise (yes, I know there are 2 half-marathons I am supposed to be training for).

Thus, happily, Pancake and I are reinstating our every-morning and some-evening walks. I am now waking up at 4:45 and skipping the blow-dryer to accomplish this, but my slowly decreasing blood pressure thanks me.

Okay, back to our new neighborhood. Our neighborhood is great for walking because it sits right on the "River Walk." A few days ago, while walking on the River Walk, I noticed a small playground, kind of in the middle of nowhere. I can't tell which neighborhood it belongs to but there is no fence around it, so this afternoon Shyla, Pancake and I headed out to play!

Nice huh? And it only took us about 7 minutes to walk there!

And they have baby swings which Shyla loves!

And she climbed up the equipment all on her own!

And Pancake climbed with her!

Shyla had a GREAT time. Perhaps too much, though. Because at 5:45 when it was time to go home and eat dinner, she went crazy. She threw a bit of a tantrum and fought me getting her into the stroller and then tried to jump out of the strolled nearly the whole way home. It was exhausting. Other than that, though, it was a great outing!

And my dear, sweet Pancake was SUCH a good girl! Although it would be nice to have another hand there (especially while trying to take pictures), I was able to drop her leash and she stayed by us the whole time. Pancake is an amazing dog who we all just love! I'm glad to be taking her on daily walks again because it's our-time together and I know it makes her happy.

We look forward to many more trips to the playground!


Your Mom said...

Oh Kendra..what a find!!! I can't wait to see the little playground on the River Shyla will be able to show me the way! I love Pancake too

chelsea said...

Great news! I can't wait to see it first hand!
I think Shyla is old enough to start understanding that the playground will still be there. I mean, once you go a number of times (yes, with the fit throwing each time), she'll start to realize that she isn't leaving forever. Hopefully!

Suzanne said...

I'm jealous! I have to drive to get to one. Sometimes it is easier to think of avoiding the drama to leave the park, you'll find, than go at all, but it is totally worth it. I can't wait until the weather is cooler and we can go anytime we want during the day! Won't that be great?

Candice said...

Yay for the 4:45 club! I'll be thinking of you when I'm walking our crazy dogs! Good for you, keep it up! Your new home and neighborhood sound awesome!