Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shyla goes to the Dentist!

This has been my first week of Fall Break!

Fall Break, as you know, means sleeping in late, lounging poolside, and catching up on trashy soap operas.


That's right, I said "NOT" like it's 1993!

In my life Fall Break means teaching intersession math, working on DFAT stuff, going to the dentist, going to the eye doctor, taking Shyla to the dentist, going to my physician, taking Pancake to the vet, and cleaning the house.

So far I have:
  • been teaching intersession - it's going well but I am relieved that tomorrow is the last day
  • working on DFAT stuff - and feeling rather productive with it
  • gone to the dentist (still no cavities and baby teeth still look good!)
  • gone to the eye doctor (reading glasses here I come)
  • and this afternoon I took Shyla to the dentist
Even though she's only 16 months old, we thought it was a good idea to establish dental care. We are paying for her dental insurance and it is SILLY and WASTEFUL to pay for insurance and not get your 2 free cleanings and exams each year (hint, hint, Stevie).

I called around and got a recommendation to this Pediatric Dental Office:

They were wonderful and I was super impressed! There was even a welcome sign with all the kids names on it:
The whole office is jungle themed. While in the waiting room (although they were ON TIME) we shook hands with some stuffed animals.

And made funny faces in this mirror.
And, of course, drank some juice under the shade of the (unpictured) inside tree.
When we went back we met the doctor who was SUPER nice! She examined Shyla's teeth and mouth, flossed them, and put orange flouride on them.

She said everything looks great and she was glad we started her care at such a young age. Overall it was a good experience for both of us.

If you have kids and you don't have a good pediatric dentist, I highly recommend this one!

Now I am off to continue enjoying the leisures of my fall break.


Eileen Short said...

ooh! Thanks for the dentist recommendation. :) Glad it went so well.

So, are you the one with the baby teeth and no cavities? Or was that fb status about Shyla?

-confused & prego

Suzanne said...

Love it, and wonder if our insur. will cover it too!

chelsea said...

I'm gonna be needing their contact info!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Love it!

I've been taking the boys to the dentist since they were 18 months, too. They love the dentist and go without a fuss every 6 months, and I completely credit it with starting early.

Good job, Mama!

Erin = ) said...

I love the new blog layout and name! Love it, love it, love it! I am SO excited to see you guys today...which is why I'm up at the crack of dawn, despite a sleeping pill...we'll see how that turns out later, even though I know you've already been on the road a few hours by now. I CANNOT WAIT! Good for you and getting Shyla to the dentist - I joke that I really do have a million dollar smile (my parents cringe at how close to the truth that is...!) but it's one of the most important health issues and is linked to so many other problems down the road, so YAY for cleanings and making teeth brushing fun, fun, fun! I might melt when I see Shyla - it's only been a few months (WAY too long, if you ask me) and she looks like a little lady...oh my, I might be over taken by emotion, but what's new?! That little gal, or little guy, as Dan keeps calling her (we have had serious talks about this and how he needs to snap out of it!) has our hearts forever. Can't wait to see you sooooooooooooon!
Love always,
Erin = )

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the recommendation! Tim just made appointments for himself, me, and our a non-pediatric dentist. I'm thinking that perhaps we should take both of our girls to a pediatric dentist instead. I am confident that they would feel more comfortable in a kid-friendly environment. :)