Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shyla's First Soccer Game

About 2 weeks ago Shyla started playing soccer.  This past weekend was her first game and it went just about as expected:

She posed for a cute "before" picture.  Notice the shin guards?  She refused to let us pull her socks down over the top of them as you are supposed to do, instead she insisted on wearing the socks over her thighs.

 How cute is it that their names are on their shirts?  She got #11.  Not bad ... it's not 13, but at least it's an odd number.

 Before the game started, she had fun running around with Dash.

She kind of got into the pregame huddle.

There is a little boy named Luke on her team.  He is a rock-star.

Then it was her turn to get in!

This is the one play she was in for.  As soon as the action started and the crowd started cheering, she ran off the field crying and then stayed like this for the rest of the half:

She refused to play in the second half.  And only half-heartedly participated in the postgame cheer.

She did enjoy the snack, but I refused to take a picture of it.

I was disappointed in the game, although not the least bit surprised.  Here's hoping next week is better.


Your Mom said...

Like I already told you: Another Kendra!!! Tho there is no way I you would have even begun to participate at that age (or even older!). You would have been attached to me like a growth! And especially when people would have the audacity to cheer for you!!

Erin =) said...

I love the name on the back of the shirts and I love the picture with Daddy-O. Oh, these memories will be so fun to remember as she gets bigger!!

Stephanie said...

So cute that the players have their names on their shirts! What league/club is she playing with?