Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Date with Zac!

When Lilly turned 4, Stevie and I took her on a special date to IHOP and Build-A-Bear.  So with Zac turning 4 a few weeks ago, it was only fitting that he get a special date as well.  I find it really important that the kids all have some special one-on-one time with the adults who love them so much; it's good for the kids and the adults alike!

It was a perfect example of a major difference between Zac and Lilly:  When we took Lilly she was all smiles, perfectly comfortable, and almost overly trusting with what we were doing and where we were taking her.  Zac, on the other hand, had a wrinkled forehead and a worried look on his face for about the first hour of our time together.  Chelsea had to explain to him why the date was for just him, whereas with Lilly I'm pretty sure she required no explanation.  

We started by going to lunch at Fuddruckers.  Zac had a hotdog, fries, and a cookie.

And then he fell asleep in the car after lunch.

When we arrived at Funtastics we measured him.  He looks to be about 41 inches and 40 inches is the minimum for the go-karts and the bumper-boats so we were very happy and relieved!

The first big attraction was the go-karts.  Stevie did the driving.

And then we were onto the bumper-boats.  Stevie did the driving again.  The drove around squirting other drivers (and their friendly photographer) with water and laughing about it!

There was a choo-choo roller-coaster.  As you can see, he got this ride all to himself!

And he rode a flying dinosaur!

Then he got to drive his own go-kart on the kiddie track.  He was, again, the only one on the track and he seemed to really enjoy it. 

Next we headed inside to warm up and play some video games and win some tickets. 

He ended up with 297 tickets which earned him a "hulk" ball and a paper airplane.  When asked what his favorite part of the day was he replied, "alllllll the parts."

That response and this picture of the car ride home really show what a great day it was.

We are so lucky to have Zac and Lilly here and close so we can watch them grow up and really be a part of their lives.  Although we missed our girls (Chelsea was babysitting them) we had a really great time making special memories with Zac!


Your Mom said...

You two are the best!!! These are such special memories and feelings for the kids...getting the special personal attention and time! Plus it looks like fun...when is my "special day"??!!!

Erin =) said...

I just love this idea - in fact, Dan and I plan to have our first Harper Monroe date when the new baby comes. We're going to take her to The Little Gym. Zac is so sweet - how lucky he is to have such a great auntie and uncle!